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These are drawings that I made from dA muro!and I also have fanfics too.






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A/N: Welcome to the final chapter! I promise it'll be funny. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

On Tuesday morning, a crowd of parents and the rest of the student body took their seats in the auditorium. Natalia and Lars were supervising the students as they gathered props and put up scenery. They had written themselves into the play as a Pilgrim who is distrustful of the Indians and the princess of the tribe.

"Are you ready for the play?" Otto asked Ramón José.

Ramón José wiggled a shaka sign. "Ready and raring to go esé. I stayed up late last night so I could memorize my lines también y todo."

Otto's eyes popped. He'd totally forgotten that he'd have lines to memorize. What to do?

"Places, places, everyone!" Conroy shouted. "It's almost time to go on. I beg you. Please, please get the scenes right.
My career is on the line."

"No se preocupe," said Ramón José in spanish. "We've rehearsed in Otto's garage every day. I'm sure nothing will go wrong."

Conroy clomped out onstage, clad in his turkey suit. He welcomed everybody to the play and talked about the voyage to Plymouth Rock.
The curtain went up, revealing the cardboard reproduction of the Mayflower.

"Land ho!" cried Sam.

"Yes! We're here!" said Lars, doing a little jig in the crow's nest.

The flimsy ship tipped sideways, sending everybody on board crashing painfully to the ground. Otto began to improvise. "Help! Help us!
We're drowning!"

"Ha-ha!" cackled Lars. "I can swim! Too bad you can't." Natalia looked over at him, shook her head and said: "Why?"

"Why, I oughta--" Otto started.

Conroy herded them backstage again to prep for the second scene. Otto and the Pilgrims walked out, shivering and Otto let out dramatic moans at intervals

"How long as it been since our last meal?" he asked Sam.

"Perhaps a week, maybe two." Sam replied.

Several female Pilgrims, Rosita among them, swooned and fainted.

"We must find someone to help us, ay," said Ramón José, checking on his sister and the girls. "Or we will surely starve to death."

"This is the New World!" Otto cried. "There is no one else here."

All of a sudden, a band of Indians appeared...clad in everything from faded blue jeans to shorts...their faces smeared with red face paint.
They even wore small feather headresses made of construction paper. Natalia was at the head of the pack.

"Well, well, well," she said lazily, rocking back and forth on her heels. "What have we here? Squanto, kill these strangers."

"As you command, Princess," squeaked Oliver Van Rossum.

Ramón José stepped forward. "Please don't hurt us. I assure you we are no threat. We're peaceful travelers también y todo.
Perhaps you can help us find shelter from the bitter cold and food."

Natalia said that she could easily put the hungry Pilgrims out of their misery as she held a foam Atlanta Braves tomahawk high above her head. An epic battle ensued. The Pilgrims, supposedly weakened by hunger, were losing spectacularly.

Enter Conroy. He flapped around the stage, sprouting historical facts at intervals. By now, the audience was roaring with laughter.
Lars spotted the bird out of the corner of his eye. He fired with his Nerf gun at the same moment the Indians showered the stage with suction cup arrows. As Conroy flopped on-stage in a dramatic death spiral, the two sides argued extensively over ownership of the 
soon-to-be-dead bird.

Then in a bizarre change of heart, the class began to sing "We Gather Together." The female Pilgrims, Rosita among them, passed around dishes of fake food to the male Pilgrims and the Indians. The kids only just got out of the way before the curtain fell.

The audience applauded and whistled. Rosita and Ramón José's parents, Marisol and Ramón José Sr. both yelled out: "¡Muy bien! mi hija,
mi hijo!" Even Natalia's parents were proud of their daughter and so were Sandy and Raoul, and they were proud of both Twister and Lars. The cast went out on-stage to take their bows. Rosita and Twister looked at each other and smiled. Twister winked at her and Rosita blushed crimson red and Otto noticed and said: "Looks like there's love in the air tonight." Ramón José also noticed that Twister and his little sister were happily flirting away. He smiled and shook his head. Ray and Tito, who were sitting in the front, looked at each other.

"Did the play always go like this?" Ray asked.

"Don't know bruddah, but it sure was funny." said Tito.

Lights, Camera, Turkey?
What happens when Conroy's class is assigned to put on a play? Read to find out.

Rosita M. Jiménez, Ramón José Jiménez, Ramón José Jiménez Sr., Marisol Jiménez, Natalia Suárez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Otto Roc., Sam D., Twister Rod, Lars Rod., Raoul Rod., Sandy Rod., Ray Roc., Tito M., Conroy B., Oliver V.R. (c) Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon and others

Hope you like this and please don't be harsh. I've spent about 6 days and 19 hours to get this done in time for today.


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