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These are drawings that I made from dA muro!and I also have fanfics too.






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Scene: Ocean Shores High School cafeteria, lunch period. Ramón José Jiménez is sitting with his "best homies", Otto Rocket and Twister Rodriguez, while they wait for Ramón José's little sister, Rosita Jiménez, Otto's girlfriend, Clio Rodriguez, who was Twister's prima, and his girlfriend, Reggie Rocket, to join them.

Clio and Reggie: (both girls cover their boyfriends' eyes with their hands): Guess who?

Otto and Ramón José (taking their hands and kissing them): What's up babe? ¿Qué pasa chiquilla? (Ramón José says that to Reggie)

Clio: The senior class is putting up Romeo and Juliet as our school play for this year! Rosita, Reggie and I are all auditioning!

Ramón José: Otto and I think you two would make fine Juliets. But Chola girl? She's more into sports than all of that.
Imagine doing classic literature!!!

Rosita (bites her bottom lip and looks down): You know I've always like Shakespere, Cholo boy. I probably won't get a part anyway.

Twister (shyly): Don't say that, Chola girl, you'd make a beautiful Juliet! (notices everybody at the table giving him a weird look) I mean,
you're really talented. I'm sure you'll get a great part. I mean... where's the Squid anyway? (nervously starts to play with his fork)

Rosita (Rolls her eyes): Where else? Off with Sherry, as usual. They'll meet us at the Shack after school. (Reggie nods in agreement at Rosita's annoyed tone of voice)

Clio: Ro, Reg and I will be late though, 'cause we've got auditions.

Otto: Good luck babe, I can't wait to see my leading lady on stage (wiggles his eyebrows)

Ramón José: Break a leg out there, Regina. (winks at her and gives her a hug and a kiss on the lips for luck)

Clio: Flattery gets you everywhere, Otto Rocket (gives him a quick peck on the cheek as she stands up to leave)

Reggie: Babe, you can let go of me now (Reggie attempts to break free of Ramón José's embrace as she joins Clio)

Twister: Buena suerte Ro. I know you'll do great.

Rosita: Gracias Maurice, I think I'll need it (Rosita catches up with Reggie and Clio)

(The girls leave. Twister rests his head on the table, embarrassed)

Ramón José: Bro, you have a thing for my hermana, esé? (A/N: Esé means homeboy in spanish)

Twister (turning red while Otto notices): NO! I was just trying.... to make her feel better. You two were going on and on about Clio and Reggie definitely getting the part, you were making her feel bad FOO!

Ramón José: Since when did YOU care if she felt bad.

Twister: Of course I do, she's a good friend!

Ramón José: Well you do know that if you hit on her, Otto and I would have to pound you.

Otto (whispering to Ramón José): Me? no, no, no, no. this is all your idea. You can leave me out of this. I'm tired of always getting involved in your plans to hurt Twister.

Ramón José (whispering back to Otto): Come on vato! If you care about Rosita, then you can help me.

Otto (whispering back to Ramón José in shock): WHAT?! Of course I care about Rosie. she's like a little sister to me!

Twister (getting annoyed and nervous): Hey, I didn't pound you two for asking Reggie and my cousin out! and if you two would stop bickering at each other...

Ramón José (getting up to leave with Otto on his heels): Relax bro, I was just kidding. Anyway you were right, she's just a good friend.

Twister (to himself): Yeah, a good friend... a good, beautiful, sweet, smart... friend. With a gorgeous body to match.

At the Shore Shack later...

Sam: Hey guys, sorry I missed you at lunch. Sherry and I were just busy... working on scenery for the senior play.

Twister (smirking): Right...

Ramón José (smirking): Is that what you call it?

Otto (laughs)

Sam (blushing): What?!? Er.... where's Ro, Reg, and Clio?

Twister: Auditioning for the senior play.

Sam: Really? They're all trying out for Juliet?

Ramón José and Otto: Yeah. Reggie and Clio are going to be the hottest Juliets the school's ever seen bro. (he and Otto look at each other and fist bump)

Sam: Well, I'm surprised and impressed, Ramon Jose and Otto. Never thought you two'd be so mature about it.

Ramón José and Otto in unison: Mature about what?

Sam: The fact that Reggie and Clio want to play Juliet. You do realize that there are quite a few kissing scenes in the play.

Ramón José (look of horror while Otto attempts to mellow him out): SQUID! WHY didn't you tell me earlier foo! Oh dios mío, now I'm gonna have to watch my girl glomp on another guy on stage! Not cool vato.

Twister: Cheer up, Ramón José. Maybe she won't get the part.

Sam: Yes, there is a distinct possibility that Rosie or Reggie could get it.

Ramón José: Chola girl? Por favor, she'd never be able to play that girly role. Now, Regina, I could see playing Juliet.

Sherry: Well I just saw her audition, and she was fantastic. The best one there.

Twister: Really? Rosita did that well?

Sherry: Yup. Ramon Jose probably has nothing to worry about. I don't think anyone could have beat that audition.

Ramón José: Rosita? Hmmm....I guess I never thought of her that way...

Sam: Well, lots of guys have, you know.

Twister (in a disturbed tone): Lots of guys??

Sam: Yeah, even your brother, Twist. Don't tell me you haven't noticed how he looks at her.

Ramón José and Otto in unison: LARS!!! NO WAY! YOU KNOW HOW HE IS WITH GIRLS!!!!

Twister: YEAH! IF HE DOES, HE PROBABLY JUST LIKES HER BECAUSE SHE'S HOT. He doesn't care about how smart she is, or how sweet, or...(he breaks off when he notices the other four are giving him weird looks again)

Enter Rosita, Reggie and Clio

Rosita: Hola guys! What're you all talking about?

Twister: The play... how'd the audition go, Chola girl?

Rosita: Well, it went okay. Reggie and Clio will probably get the lead though.

Reggie: Are you kidding, girl? Clio and I did NOT know you could act so well! Come on, let's hit the waves. I'm determined to beat at least ONE of the Jiménezes in SOMETHING today (runs her fingers through her boyfriend's spiked up hair teasingly).

Clio: Yeah! You've got some serious acting skills, chica.

Ramón José: Beat a Jiménez? No way, no how. (Grabs his board and chases his girlfriend across the beach towards the ocean while Clio and the others follow, Twister lagging behind)

Twister: So, Rosita's audition was good, huh. Well I knew she could do it. That girl can do anything once she puts her mind to it.

Rosita: Maurice... you coming?

Twister: En un minuto, Chola girl.

Rosita (grabbing his hand, dragging him towards the others): Vamonos, you're missing a great swell!

Tito: Have a good time, little cuzzes. (to himself) I wonder how long it'll take for those two to realize what's going on. Ramon Jose Sr.'s not gonna be happy.

The next day, Ramón José, Reggie, Otto, Clio, Twister, Rosita and Sam are all walking towards the bulletin board to check the results of the audition. Rosita, Reggie and Clio are definitely nervous. So are Ramón José, Otto and Twister, but for different reasons.

Ramón José (to himself): Man, if Regina gets the part I'm gonna have to whomp whoever plays Romeo. Hope Rosita gets it.

Twister (to himself): I know she really really wants this part. Pero why do I feel funny at the thought of her kissing a guy on stage?
Oh dios mío... I don't really have a thing for my best homie's hermana... do I? (aloud) No se preocupe Ro, everyone says you did fantástico . I'm sure you'll get the part.

Rosita (nervous smiling): Eso espero. I've never really done anything like this before.

Reggie: CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL! I KNEW YOU'D GET IT!!!! (She and Clio give her a group hug. All three girls squeal excitedly)

Ramón José and Otto: YOU TWO DIDN'T GET THE PART??? Er... I mean... aw... you two didn't get the part?

Reggie and Clio in unison: Can it, Ramon Jose, Otto. We're playing Juliet's Nurse and Lady Capulet.

Twister (suddenly uncomfortable): So who's playing Romeo?

Sam and Otto (both scanning the list, and giving Twister pitying looks, they know Twister has had feelings for Rosita for a very long time now): Angel.

Rosita (shocked): Ángel?

Ramón José: Guess it worked out perfectly for you huh, Rosita? (smirks, while Otto shakes his head in disbelief at him)

Rosita (punches him hard on his bicep): You WOULD bring that up. I'm never gonna live that down, am I? It's been five years foo!!!

Ramón José: Rosita and Ángel, sitting in a tree.... vato, estás bien?

Twister (suddenly flushed and appears to be grinding his teeth): Huh? Sí Estoy bien vato. Hey escucha I've got to go report to Mr. Craft
about the AV club before class, so I'll catch up with you all later okay?

Twister (to himself, as he rushes in the direction of the teachers' lounge: Oh dios mío... not only is she kissing a guy, but she's kissing
ÁNGEL. Príncipe Ángel! I can NOT catch a break. Hope Mr. Craft is around, and Mrs. John también. I wanted to ask them something.

Later that day, during the first rehearsal...

Ángel Chávez: Hola Ro. Nunca pensamos que estaríamos trabajando juntos de esta manera, eh? (Hey Ro. Never thought we'd be working together like this, huh?) (suave smile) I didn't know you were into classic theatre. Makes me glad I tried out.

Rosita (slightly uncomfortable and unsure of how to react): Sí, I've always liked theatre. Guess you could say I've got eclectic tastes.

Ángel: Well, Miss eclectic tastes how about we-

Twister: Hola, Chola girl!

Ángel: Rodriguez! ¿Qué estás haciendo aquí? (What are you doing here?)

Twister: I thought I'd film the play, and rehearsals también to make a complete DVD for the school to release. It would raise funds,
and I'd get the experience of making and editing a proper film (inwardly) and I get to keep an eye on you, pendejo.

Rosita: Eso es fantástico Maurice! We'd totally be working together!

Mrs. John: Places everybody. Let's start with rehearsal now. Maurice, would you like to set up your camera in front of the stage,
or will you be filming backstage?

Twister: I'll set up one front-stage, and bring one with me backstage. That way I'll be able to get more footage. (inwardly) Of the booty, curves, and boobs. (grins wickedly)

Rosita (in a whisper, as Ángel begins to say his lines on-stage): It's so awesome that you're here Maurice. I feel so weird being involved 
in something like this for the first time. You being here makes it all so much less foreign...

Twister (looks straight into her eyes): Glad to be here, Ro.

They both look into each other's eyes, feeling this weird sense of contentment and connection, when...

Ángel (giving them a hard glare): Rosita, don't you think we should be rehearsing our scene now. Act 1, scene 5?

Rosita (snapping out of it): Por supuesto, Ángel. (Heads up to the stage, with Twister slightly flushed, and very angry working on the camera)

Ángel: If I profane with my unworthiest hand. This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand.
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

Twister (inwardly): HE'S GONNA KISS HER!!!

Rosita: Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much. Which mannerly devotion is this? For saints have hands which pilgrims do touch
(touches his hand and the two of them place their palms together) and palm to palm is holy palmer's kiss.

Twister (seeing red): Ay no... No puedo creer que tenga que sentarse aquí y ver esto. (Oh no... I can't believe I have to sit here and watch this.) Why don't they just get a room already!

Ángel: Have not saint's lips, and holy palmer's too?

Rosita: Aye sir, lips that they must use in prayer.

Ángel: Oh then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do, lest my faith turn to despair.

Rosita: Saints do not move, though grant for prayer's sake.

Ángel: Then move not, while my prayers effect I take (leans in to kiss her, just as his lips are about to touch hers...

Mrs. John: Hold on now Romeo. We'll have no actual kissing until opening night.

Ángel: ¿¿Qué?? ¿¿Por qué no?? (What?? Why not??)

Mrs. John: Because I don't want the PTA coming after me about encouraging the actions of a pair of hormone ridden teenagers.

Twister (inwardly): I love you Mrs. John.

Mrs. John: Okay, guys anyway I think we've done enough for today. Make sure you get your lines for Act 1 memorized over the weekend.

Ángel: So, Ro, you want to get together to practice the lines over the weekend?

Rosita: That would be great! It's so much easier to practice the lines when you're reading them out to someone? ¿Cómo es Domingo?
(How about Sunday?)

Ángel: No puedo hacer que sea Domingo, ¿qué hay de la noche del Sábado? (I can't make it Sunday, what about Saturday night?)

Twister: She can't make it Saturday, it's Tito's birthday dinner, remember? Reggie and Otto invited her.

Rosita: Oh yeah! What about Friday?

Ángel: I'm busy Friday también. I guess we'll just have to go at it alone for this weekend. It's a shame, I was looking forward to practicing
this scene some more with you (winks and heads out the door)

Twister: If you don't mind, Ro, I'll be glad to practice with you tonight.

Rosita: Tú-tú haría? ¿No tienes planes? (You-you would? Don't you have plans?)

Twister: Nah, Ramón José, Otto y Sammy probablemente será salir con Reggie, Clio y Sherry de todas formas. (Nah, Ramon Jose, Otto and Sammy will probably be heading out with Reggie, Clio and Sherry anyway)

Rosita: Haha sí! We should totally hook up... that would save us the embarrassment of being the eighth wheels all the time.

Twister (blushing): Haha yeah we probably should. Anyway I'll see you tonight Chola Girl, or should I say Julieta?

As they are walking home...

Rosita (inwardly): Ay dios mío... why did I have to say that? He must think I'm a total kook!

Twister (inwardly): She was just JOKING! So WHY did your heart have to skip a beat when she mentioned hooking up with you?? Chávez is better looking, Lars is older and more popular with girls... ay dios mío... I just hope I don't make a dweeb of myself on our date tonight...espere it's not a date!!! When we run lines tonight I mean...

That night, Twister takes particular care to shower, dry himself off and get dressed, leaving his backwards hat behind for once, and wearing a pressed polo with jeans. Rosita, too, decided to shower and dry herself off and wear a Sexy Blue White Floral Elastic Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Casual Crop Top with a Sexy Black Mesh Overlay Mini Skirt paired with 4 inch Black Open Toe Ankle Strap Single Sole Nubuck Heels and finishing off her look by curling her hair and carefully applying waterproof mascara, blush, smoky black eye shadow to make her bright brown eyes pop and Maybelline's Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Gleaming Grenadine.
Ramón José has already left for his date with Reggie when she lets him in, taking in his much improved grooming.

Rosita: Muy guapo, Maurice. Someone might think you were playing Romeo for real here. (Twister hears 'Romeo y Julieta' by Romeo Santos playing in the background, because Rosita had brought her waterproof i-Radio and I-Phone SE downstairs before Twister came over)

Twister (nervous laugh; he'd been staring at Rosita from the moment she opened the door.): Te ves hermosa Rosita. (You look beautiful Rosita)

Rosita (blushing): Gracias... so you want to come in, so we can start?


Rosita: Okay, um, so you have to look at me, and start off the way Ángel did on-stage, okay?

Twister: Ummm... okay... (looks deeply into her eyes) If I profane with my unworthiest hand. This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand. To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

Rosita (gazes deep into his eyes too): Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much. Which mannerly devotion is this? For saint's have
hands which pilgrims do touch (touches his hand and the two of them place their palms together) and palm to palm is holy palmer's kiss.

Twister (starting to get nervous by now, but can't tear his eyes away): Have not saint's lips, and holy palmer's too?

Rosita: Aye pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer (they don't break eye contact for a second).

Twister (moving closer): Oh then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do, lest my faith turn to despair.

Rosita (in a whisper): Saints do not move, though grant for prayer's sake...

Twister (also in a whisper): Then move not, while my prayers effect I take (on impulse, he cups her face in his hands and kisses her,
she willingly returns the kiss)

After several minutes, they pull back, giddy smiles on both of their faces

Twister: Um Ro....

Rosita (smiling at him): We'll talk when we finish the scene. Read your next line.

Twister (blushing furiously): Oh sure... Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged.

Rosita (mischievous grin, because she knows what's coming): Then have my lips the sin that they have took!

Twister (confused): Sin from my lips? Oh trespass sweetly urged! (breaks into a grin as he reads the next line) 
Give me my sin back again! (He kisses her again, more surely and passionately than before)

After they pull away reluctantly...

Twister: Man, this Romeo dude sure was smooth.

Rosita (raising an eyebrow): Apparently, he's not the only one.

Twister: Ro, I... I've been wanting to do that for a long time now.

Rosita: How long?

Twister: So long, I can't remember ever not wanting to do that. Eres increíble Rosita Jiménez. I think... I think... Creo que estoy enamorado de ti. (I think I'm in love with you)

Rosita (a teasing smile on her face): Maurice... No creo que me siento de la misma manera. (I don't think I feel the same way)

Twister: Tú... no lo hace? (You... you don't?)

Rosita: I don't think I do... but I know I do.

Twister: I'll get you for that Rosita Jiménez (starts to tickle her)

Rosita (screams): NO! (He carries on tickling her, as she tries to defend herself by punching his sides. In the process, he pulls her close and kisses her)

Twister: Te amo Rosita Jiménez.

Rosita: Yo También te amo, Maurice Rodriguez. (They look into each other's eyes, oblivious of Ramón José Sr., Rosita's father, standing behind them)

Ramón José Sr.: How was rehearsal, guys?

Rosita (blushing): Well... papi, we kind of have something to talk about.

Ramón José Sr.: I figured as much. You're too young to date, mija.

Rosita: I'm already a senior, daddy. And you've known Maurice his whole life.

Twister: Sí...Ramón José Sr. ...Mr. Jiménez...Ramón José Sr. ...Siempre me ha gustado Rosita, y moriría antes de que yo la lastimé.
(I've always loved Rosita, and I'd die before I ever hurt her)

Ramón José Sr. (frowning slightly): Well, Rosita, you'd better see him out mija, and Maurice, I DO know where you live mijo.

Twister (gulps): Sure... Nos vemos Ramón José Sr. (See you Ramon Jose Sr)


Rosita: Maurice... you won't care when I have to do scenes with Ángel, ¿verdad? Quiero decir, No puedo bajar repentinamente fuera de la jugada. (would you? I mean, I can't suddenly drop out of the play)

Twister: I get that...I'll be honest with you, No me gusta. (I don't like it) But at least you guys won't have to kiss during rehearsal.
And I'll be there to make sure he doesn't try anything.

Rosita: Maurice, I'm sure he won't anyway. No tienes nada de qué preocuparse. (You've got nothing to worry about) This Chola girl is all yours.

Twister: And that's just the way I like it (wraps his arms around her slender waist and pulls her close for a kiss)

Romeo and Jimenez
What happens when Rosita gets chosen to play Juliet.. with Ángel?

Rosita M. Jiménez, Ramón José Jiménez, Ramón José Jiménez Sr., Ángel Chávez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Otto Roc., Reggie Roc., Sam D., Twister Rod., Clio Rod., Sherry C., Lars Rod. [in mention] (c) Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon and others

Romeo y Julieta (c) Romeo Santos and his labels Sony Music Latin and Sony Music Entertainment

Sexy Blue White Floral Elastic Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Casual Crop Top, Sexy Black Mesh Overlay Mini Skirt, 4 inch Black Open Toe Ankle Strap Single Sole Nubuck Heels (c)

Color Sensational High Shine Gleaming Grenadine Lip Gloss (c)
I'm feeling sick everybody. so, I may be on here once or twice. I'm not sure when this stupid cold and runny nose is going away. but it better be soon!

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Rosie ran into the Jiménez house, up the stairs and into her master bedroom, slamming and locking her bedroom door closed. Reggie, Trish and Sherry were close behind, seeing as they've never been inside her house before except for Reggie because she always came over whenever Rosita was upset about something, Sherry stopping to close the Jiménezes front door before following Rosie's path and was in awe at how nice her house looked on the inside. "Rosie," Reggie and Trish called gently in unison through the door, "Come on, open the door."

"Please," Sherry begged, "We're not going to let you go through this alone." "Just leave me alone, por favor." Rosita's voice was barely audible through the door and the two girls shared a look of confusion at what that meant seeing as they didn't know spanish and Reggie did, and she told them that it meant 'please' in english before they all went downstairs to the master kitchen to gather up every break up food they could, before reaching over, opening her drawer and retrieving her lyrics journal, opening to a random page and began to write a song about Ángel. "What's up with Chola Girl?" Ramón José asked, seeing the girls heading into the master kitchen, while Otto looked worried. "She and Angel had a fight." Sherry replied, dialing the number of the pizza place. "She and Ángel always fight." Ramón José
responded, still not getting it. "This one was bad, esé." Twister informed his homie, "She was crying." "Ro doesn't cry." Ramón José shook his head. "Well, she did. And she's hurt, and angry; and if Angel calls, she's not home and you don't know where she is." Trish instructed,
turning Rosita's phone off. "How did you get-?" "She dropped it." Shortly after, the pizza arrived and the three girls made their way up to
Rosita's room, their arms full of junk food. "Pobrecita! I hope she'll be okay." Twister said, watching the girls disappear into Rosita's room.
"She'll be fine. You know how she is with breakups; she'll bounce back." Ramón José shrugged, while Otto agreed, "...I hope."


"We've got pizza, chocolate strawberries, and soda. We tried to get ice cream, but your brother and Otto ate the last of it and put an empty container back in the freezer." Sherry said as they and Reggie walked into their best friend's master bedroom.
"I thought you guys were having a date weekend." Rosita said softly, not looking up from the box that sat in front of her, containing all of her and Ángel's shared memories of when they were dating. "Well you need us more than we need each other. This foursome needs to come before this duo's needs, remember? We promised you that when you two first got together." Trish responded, while Reggie agreed.

"I just don't know what happened. I tried to be the perfect girlfriend. I forgave him for all his transgressions- even the ones that involved him cheating on me, drunk OR sober. I spend all of the time that I could with him, yet he would still accuse me of cheating, when I never cheated on him in the first place. I even forgave him when he would punch me when he lost his temper, because I was spending too much
time with Regina and the guys. I just don't know what happened." Rosita sobbed, beginning to rock.

Reggie, Trish and Sherry immediately wrapped their arms around her and tried their best to comfort her, hiding their shock at what she had just said. "He's scum, Ro." Trish told her, when no other words came to mind.

"He hated it when I spent time with Lars. He really hated it when I spent time with Twister. And I tried not to spend so much time with them. But Lars and I have had all of our classes together since eighth grade and we always work together on projects 'cause it's convenient and is helpful. And Twister's Twister; I couldn't stop spending time with him if I wanted to. He's always been there and he always will be."

At this point, Rosita was crying again. Her three best friends tried their best to try and calm her down, but nothing worked. Not long after,
Rosita was asleep. The girls laid her down on the bed and quietly exited the room, but Rosita called Reggie to help her with something while Trish and Sherry went downstairs. "Regina, will you help me with something?" she asked. Reggie smiled and said: "Sure girl. what do you need help with?" Rosita bit her lip and said: "I want you to help me seduce Maurice." Reggie was surprised. "Okay. like what?"
she asked. Rosita twirled a strand of her long, dark brown hair and said: "Help me pick out something sexy to wear when he comes in here." Reggie thought of a great idea. "Oooh. I've got it." she said, while she and Rosita went to her lingerie drawer and were trying to decide what Twister liked to see her in. Reggie opened it and took out a Low Rise G-String in Black and handed it to Rosita, who took it and went to her master bathroom, changed out of her panties, and put the g-string on, decided to put makeup on and came out.

She went to her closet and took out small, strawberry-scented candles, grabbed her lighter from on top of her dresser and lit up the candles, took out her Karma Sutra Body Soufflé Kissable Strawberry Body Cream and set it on the table for whenever Twister decided to put some all over her body, took out I-Phone SE, turned it on, unlocked her code. then, she took out her waterproof i-Radio, unlocked her code again because it turned off on her, went to her music and found the song: 'Unbelievable' by Kaci Brown.

"Is she okay?" Twister asked when they reemerged downstairs, worry etched on his face. "She'll be okay." Trish replied, "She's sleeping and it'll take time for her to be fully better, but she'll be okay." 

"What do you mean 'it'll take time'?" Lars asked, having come over to check up on her after overhearing the fight and that was before she was in her lingerie. "Angel did quite a number on her." Sherry replied softly, "He cheated on her numerous times, he punched her- she didn't say how often. She's so hurt right now and it was so scary to see her being the one to lose it." "He what?" Ramón José demanded,
he, Otto and Lars turning red with anger.

Twister didn't say anything, he just ran up to Rosita's room. He heard music from inside the room. He knocked gently before entering the room and looked around in surprise. Rosita's room had a romantic atmosphere. Small, strawberry-scented candles were lit so that it smelled really nice and noticed a body cream lying on the dresser and her lights were turned off so that the only source of light were the candles. "Hola, Ro." He greeted softly, knowing that she wasn't really sleeping. "Maurice?" she sniffed, not moving. "Sí,soy yo."
(Yeah, it's me) He entered the room and softly shut the door behind him and locked it. The sight of Rosita curled up on her bed, silently crying and in just her G-string panties, broke his heart and kind of turned him on and he quickly walked over to the bed. "Abrázame?" (Hold me) Rosita quietly asked in spanish. "Yeah." Twister whispered with a smile, laying down next to her and pulling her close, so that her huge breasts were squished against his hardened and well-developed chest that was underneath his shirt. "No me dejes?"

(Don't leave me?) Rosita softly asked, pressing her face into his chest. "Nunca." (Never) Twister whispered into her hair, "Nunca te dejaré." (I'll never leave you.) Rosita raised her head up and looked at him. "Make love to me." She said, while Twister still had his muscular arms around her waist and curves. "What?" He asked, looking at her. "You heard me Maurice. I want you to fuck me until the morning, so that I can forget about Ángel. Por favor?" She bit her lower lip again, which was enhanced with strawberry red lipstick gloss.
That lip bite again. Twister thought, while he felt something harden against Rosita's crotch and looked down to see that he started getting a boner. Twister started to take off his shirt and threw it into a corner of the room. His cold fingers rubbed her panties and she moaned:
"T-take me..". He took her G-string off and threw it on the floor. He started to lick her inner thigh. "Ay Maurice...". He stopped and she pouted. Twister took off his pants and boxers and threw them on the floor next to her G-string. Then, he noticed her Strawberry Massage Cream sitting on top of her dresser, grabbed it, opened the cap, scooped a generous amount into his hands and massaged the cream on to Rosita's body using slow, even strokes and he even massaged some on to her huge breasts and her nipples. "¿Estás listo?"
(Are you ready?) He grabbed the i-Radio remote, turned it on and went to the song. Then, 'Unbelievable' by Kaci Brown began to play:

I wish you didn't love me 
I wish you'd make this easy 
It was love that caught me 
Now it's fear that keeps me with you 
I want to be by your side 
So I can close my eyes 
To the growing emptiness inside that 
kills me 
When I'm with you 
You try to break me 
Try to hate me 
So you can fall out of love 
You want to make me believe that 
I'm crazy 
That I'm nothing without you 

It's unbelievable but I believed you 
Unforgiveable but I forgave you 
Insane what love can do 
That keeps me coming back to you 
You're irreplacable but I'll replace you 
Now I'm standing on my own 

I feel you in my shadow 
My heart feels cold and hollow 
No matter where I run I see 
Your eyes always follow me 
You try to hold me 
Try to own me 
Keeping something thats not yours 
You want to make me 
believe that I'm crazy 
Make me think that you're the cure 

It's unbelievable but I believed you 
Unforgiveable but I forgave you 
Insane what love can do 
That keeps me coming back to you 
You're irreplacable but I'll replace you 
Now I'm standing on my own 

You're still haunting me 
In my sleep 
You're all I see 
But I can't go back 
Cause I know its wrong 
for us to go on 
And I'm growing strong 
To confront my fears 

It's unbelievable but I believed you 
Unforgiveable but I forgave you 
Insane what love can do 
That keeps me coming back to you 
You're irreplacable but I'll replace you 
Now I'm standing on my own 

He set the remote down and intertwined his fingers with hers and she nodded. Twister slowly went inside of her and a couple of tears escaped from the corner of her right eye. Twister stopped and waited for her permission to continue. Soon afer, she smiled and he started to go in and out, moaning her name at the same time. He also grunted while he still thrusted inside of her. It was just a matter of time when they both were going to hit their climax. "Maurice I'm c-cuming..." "M-me too..." They both reached their climax and screamed loudly in unison. Twister collapsed beside her, still panting: "Rosita?" "S-sí m-mi amor?" She was still panting. Since it was starting to get cold, she pulled the huge plush blanket on top of them. "That was the best revenge sex ever. I needed that." Rosita said, smiling.
"Well as the saying goes: "Revenge is the best dish served hot." Twister told her with a grin and then added: "I don't want this to happen just for one night. I want you to always be mine. Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked while he pulled her close to him. She smiled at him. "What do you think?" she said and knocking his hat to the floor and ruffled his orange hair. She whispered seductively into his ear:
"I also don't mind if we have sex every night. especially since you're all mine now." then she gently bit his ear, which sent shivers of pleasure down his spine. "I don't mind that either." Twister said and then he felt kind of naughty. He scooped up another generous amount of body cream and massaged it against her thigh, breasts and nipples again and began to lick her again, which made her moan in pleasure and yelled: "OH MAURICE! DON'T STOP!" She had her arms wrapped around his waist, while he continued to enjoy his midnight snack.

Rosie's Heartbreak- A Rocket Power fanfic
Ángel breaks Rosita's heart. Will it finally be time for Twister to tell her how he feels?

And sorry about the expanded sex scene in here. I couldn't resist, since it was necessary for Rosita to get laid.

Rosita M. Jiménez, Ramón José Jiménez, Ángel Chávez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Otto Roc., Reggie Roc., Lars Rod., Twister Rod., Sherry C., Trish T. (c) Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon and others

Low Rise G-String (c)

Karma Sutra Soufflé Kissable Strawberry Body Cream (c)

I-Phone SE and I-Radio (c) Apple

Unbelievable (c) Kaci Brown and her label


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