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Crushed Out

Disclaimer: I own none of this. It's all from the creators and producers of Rocket Power. The only people I own are Rosita and Ramon. Even though Otto, Twister, Sam, Reggie and the other characters belong to Nickelodeon and Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo.

Chapter 1

"What's up with you, Twist?" Fifteen-year-old Rosita Jimenez asked her friend as he wiped out on his skateboard for about the seventh time that day, while Reggie and Ramon looked at him and shook their heads in disbelief.

"I don't know. Today just isn't my day." Twister replied glumly as he got off the halfpipe, throwing glares at Otto and Sam who were still laughing at him.

He threw his skateboard aside and pulled his video camera out of his bag, deciding that it would be much better for him to use that rather than his skateboard on this particular day.


About an hour later, Twister closed his camera and put it back inside his bag. He was bored of watching and taping his friends, and besides, his stomach didn't feel all that great. It was lunchtime, and for the first time in his life, he didn't feel hungry.

"Hey, guys...I think I'm gunna go home." He announced as he swung his bag around his shoulder.

"What's the matter Twist?" Rosita asked, looking concerned and looking at Reggie and Ramon, who also looked concerned.

Twister spaced out for a second, until Otto began waving his hand in front of his face, much to Rosita and Ramon's annoyance.

"Hello? Earth to Twister!"

"What? Oh yeah...I just don't feel that good."

"Okay...well, call us later...alright?" Rosita said, as Ramon came over and clapped him on the back.

"Yeah...sure." He grabbed his board and Ramon yelled out: "Later, man!" and Twister left.


Twister was sitting on his couch, staring at the TV, when his mom and Rosita's future suegra (mother-in-law, for whenever Twister and her got married one day), walked in, carrying a large plate of nachos.

"Hi honey. I thought you might be hungry." She said as she sat down next to her son, placing the plate on the table in front of him.

"No thanks mom. I'm not really hungry." He muttered, still transfixed with the screen.

"Are you alright sweetie?" Mrs. Rodriguez asked, reaching over to feel his forehead.

"I'm fine mom!" Twister exclaimed, pulling away from her hand.

"Then what's the matter?" she asked, looking concerned, just as Rosita had before and Ramon and Reggie too.


"Maurice..." his mother warned, in a you-better-tell-me-right-now-because-I'm-your-mother kind of voice.

Twister sighed. "It's nothing. I was just having a really bad day on my board today, and then when I tried taping everybody, it came out terrible."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I missed all of Otto's tricks. And Sam even did a 180, and I missed that too! and Rosita, Ramon and Reggie were annoyed!" Twister exclaimed.

"Well, honey will you- can I see the tape?"

"I guess so." Twister grumbled. He pulled his camera out of his bag, grabbed the wires and plugged them into the television.
He sat back down, picked up the remote and turned on channel three. Then he pressed the PLAY button on his camera.

Twister smiled as he watched the tape, the terrible day that he had been having seemed to fade from his mind,
and his mood changed from dismal to happy. He suddenly smelled the nachos in front of him, and felt his hunger return.
As he munched on them, he watched Rosita skating, Rosita falling and laughing and flipping her long and silky dark brown hair to one side, Rosita cheering on Sam with Reggie and Ramon when he accidentally did a 180. Somehow, the tape didn't seem so terrible now that he was watching it.

Mrs. Rodriguez turned over to look at her son as the tape ended. He was smiling widely, and finishing off the bowl of nachos.
He shut his camera off and put it back into his bag.


"Yeah Mom?" Twister asked as he went to go put his bag away in his room.

"The tape...honey, it was all of Rosie." She said, a huge grin growing across her face, and small tears growing in her eyes.

" are you crying?" Twister asked cautiously.

"Oh, I'm sorry honey it's just so sweet!!"

"Uhh...what is?" Twister asked, puzzled.

"You! Having a crush on your new best friend's sister! Oh, and you know how much I love Rosie!" she exclaimed,
wiping the few tears that had fallen from her eyes.

"You-I-she- WHAT?" "Oh Maurice isn't it obvious? You kept falling off your board today because you were nervous.
Then you only taped Rosie for the rest of the day, and I'm assuming the reason you weren't hungry was because you had a fluttery feeling in your stomach and you were falling for her?"

"Yeah! How did you know?"

"Oh sweetie!" His mother stood up, took the empty bowl from his hands and planted a huge kiss on his forehead then went back into the kitchen, happy tears still glistening in her eyes.

Twister roughly rubbed the top of his head, trying to get his mother's lipstick mark off. He was still staring at the doorway to the kitchen,

"I what?"


Author's Note- Okay, this is my fourth Rocket Power one-shot and fanfic, and I know that I really suck at the whole 'skater language' stuff.
But please comment anyway, even though you guys are going to fave this anyway, and there are going to be more chapters, 
in case you were wondering. Criticism...accepted. Wanted really. because I suck at writing these. :(

Crushed Out, a Rocket Power fanfic
This is my fourth Rocket Power fic and one-shot for now, and will soon become a Twister x Rosie. Please read, comment and fave.

Rosita M. Jimenez, Ramon J. Jimenez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Otto Roc., Reggie Roc., Sam D. and Twister Rod. (c)Nickelodeon, Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo

Category: Romance/Humor

Name: Ramon Jimenez

Nicknames: Jose (Otto, Sam, Trish and Sherry call him that), Homie (Twister calls him that), Babe (Reggie calls him that) and Cholo-Boy (Rosita calls him that).

Meaning of his name: Ramon's name comes from the Spanish orgin. and in spanish, the meaning of Ramon's name is 'Guards Wisely'.

Age: 16 (the same age as Otto and Twister)

Nationality: Hispanic (just like Rosita and his future brother-in-law, Maurice, A.K.A. Twister)

Height: 6'4 (the same height as Twister)

Weight: I'm not saying.

D.O.B: July 16th, 1998

Birthplace: Guatemala, Mexico

Gender: Male 

Eye Color: Dark Brown for now

Skin Color: Light Brown but when he goes out into the sun also covered in tanning lotion, he gets darker.

Hometown and currently living in: Ocean Shores, California

School: Ocean Shores High School

Grade: 10th

Friends/Homies: Otto Rocket, Sam Dullard, Keoni Makani, Eddie Valentine, Oliver Van Rossum, Conroy Blanc and Twister Rodriguez

Best Friends: Otto Rocket, Sam Dullard, Keoni, Eddie Valentine, Oliver Van Rossum, Reggie Rocket and Twister Rodriguez.

Enemies: MacKenzie Benders, Lars Rodriguez (for now), Pi Piston, Sputz Ringley, Trent (because of Reggie).

Future girlfriend: Reggie Rocket

Personality: Active, Affectionate and Flirty (when he and Reggie are around each other), Annoyed (when Trent tries to get Reggie back), Bashful (when he's around Reggie), Bright (Also when it comes to school), Carefree and Laidback (When he's around Otto, Reggie and the rest of the gang), Faithful and Protective (When it comes to Rosie and Reggie), Naughty (When he and Reggie have their hot-n-heavy moments together), Aggressive (When Lars starts hitting on Rosita and tries to kiss her and get her back)

Family: Rosita Jimenez (sister), Ramon Jose Jimenez Sr. (Father), Marisol Jimenez (Mother)

Love Interest: Regina Rocket, A.K.A Reggie

One good Trait: Creatively Skilled (when it comes to skateboarding, playing with a guitar and doing other sports).

One Bad Trait: Short Tempered. (when it comes to Trent trying to pick a fight with him. and that'll also cause his temper to rise and trigger and also cause him to punch Trent. and by the way, he's an expert in Boxing.

Hobbies: Likes to hang out with his friends and family.

Interests: Skateboarding, playing guitar and other sports.

Likes: Being active, Reggie Rocket and going to school.

Dislikes: Trent, Lars, detention and being late for dates and whatever else.

Quotes: "I never get to do nothin' in this house" (another quote from George Lopez and says it whenever his parents won't let him spend time with Reggie or his homies. Who are Otto, Twister, Keoni, Oliver and Sam)., "O dalay" (when he sees Rosita in a skimpy outfit whenever she gets ready for her date with Twister), "Hel-lo!" (When he sees Reggie wearing something to his liking), "Cochino!" (When he sees Twister making out with his sister, but gets over it because they're homies), "O'dalay, vamonos!" (When he and Rosita are in a hurry to get to school because she takes an hour to get ready and tells her to hurry up).

Voice Actor: Luis Armand Garcia

Hair color: Dark brown, like his sister.

Sexual Preference: Straight.

Build: Slim and Muscular

Body Abnormalities: None.

Hair Style: Messy

Status: Dating

Languages: Spanish and English. So, that means he's bilingual, along with Rosita.

Typical Clothing: Black sleeveless muscle shirt, dark blue jeans and gray shoes with black laces.

Back Story: Ramon was born in Guatemala, Mexico like his younger sister, Rosita. and since he's lived there all his life, he gets uncomfortable moving to Ocean Shores, California, but gets used to it and now he loves living there and visits Mexico on family trips often. While in Ocean Shores, he meets Otto Rocket, Reggie Rocket, Sam Dullard, Twister Rodriguez and Clio. and they show him around to all the places they often hang out. and along the way, he develops feelings for Reggie, and somehow, Otto and Twister play matchmaker for them. and after a few weeks of getting to know each other and being comfortable around each other and becoming friends, their friendship turns into a relationship that's both sweet and also x-rated. (and I don't want to say sex-related, because that would ruin their friendship and relationship if they broke up over a stupid one-night stand). and just like Rosita, Ramon also prefers to be traditional when it comes to dating, relationships and sex. So, what he does like is hand-holding, adventurous and low-key dates and a little making out here and there. and also, like Rosita, he prefers to be safe when it comes to sex. so, he prefers to use condoms whenever he has his first time with Reggie. and he also makes a good first impression when Reggie invites him to her house to meet Ray and Noelani for the first time. In fact, Ray and Noelani like him so much that he's invited to the Rockets whenever he needs something, a place to stay in case his parents kick him out and comes over for dinner. and also, since he and Rosita have lived in Guatemala their whole lives, he's also gotten used to surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, hockey, rollerblading and biking. so when he's in Ocean Shores, he's practically a pro. and Otto, Reggie, Sam, Clio, Lars and Twister are so impressed by his skills that they ask him (or in Twister and Otto's cases "beg") him to also be part of their crew and he graciously accepts. and also, Reggie is extremely psyched about that, which means she gets to spend time with him and hang out whenever they can and Twister is also psyched about that, which also means he gets to film him every day when he's doing his stuff.
Ramon Jose Jimenez Bio
This is going to be an extended biography of who Ramon Jose is. and unlike Rosita's back story, I've spent more time on Ramon's back story. and I've also put in some quotes that he says, what his sexual preference is, what his hairstyle is like, his build, his relationship status, his languages that he speaks and everything else.

Hope you like it. and I'll make Natalia's bio either this weekend or the following week.

Ramon Jose Jimenez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

I hope you like him. because, like Rosita, I don't want to turn him into a Gary-Stu, which is the equivalent of a Mary-Sue. I hope that isn't too much.
Natalia Suarez-OC best friend of Rosita Jimenez by digidestinedgirl09
Natalia Suarez-OC best friend of Rosita Jimenez
This is what Natalia is going to look like. and she's the best friend of Rosita Jimenez. and she's still single. but, I will have her paired up with Lars Rodriguez, since his little brother, Twister Rodriguez is dating Rosita. and she and Lars will be official in a couple of upcoming fan-fics.

Hope you like her guys. and sorry that I haven't had the time to create her sooner. I've just been so busy with my one-shots and multi-shots of Rosita Jimenez and Twister Rodriguez.

Natalia Gabriela Suarez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

and I also created Natalia using this


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