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Breaking the Walls of Love

By: digidestinedgirl09

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. The plot and Daisy are mine!

This is for TaylorWalls623. Thanks for faving all of my stories! This is just pure fluff, sap and romance, enjoy!


Eighteen year old, Daisy Hirayama walked slowly through the gym doors of Odaiba University. Her long, red dress with the black laced trim flowed down around her ankles, moving around her feet as she walked. Her shoulder length chocolate brown hair was combed neatly, and a gold hair clip held her bangs back. Daisy's sapphire eyes showed no emotion, though she felt lonely.

Ever since Matt Ishida had supposedly died in a plane crash she had been unusually distressed, and simply refused to date anyone. There was no proof he had truly died, because the ship had landed in the sea, but most people simply assumed that no one could have survived. She had mourned at the thought of him being hurt, or alone somewhere, but she had refused to believe he was dead. Daisy had such great love and trust for Matt that she denied the fact that he might be dead, and went on loving him and trusting him. What hurt her the most was that she had never the chance to tell him how she felt. She remembered the day perfectly.

(Daisy's memory)

*At the airport*

"Goodbye Daisy," Matt said giving her a tight squeeze.

"Don't leave Matt I-I..." Daisy started but was interrupted by Matt's father and mother.

"Matt, it's time to go! Come on!" They yelled.

"Goodbye Daisy," Matt said as he turned and ran towards the gate to the plane. His wild blond hair tumbled around his face as he ran.

"Goodbye Matt," Daisy whispered. "I love you and trust you."

(End of Memory)

A tear ran down her cheek. 'Oh Matt, if only I could've told you that I love you and trust you,' she thought as she walked slowly to the refreshments table, watching as all the couples danced happily.

It was a formal dance. All of the girls wore dresses like the kind that was worn in the renaissance periods. All of the young men wore black tuxedos, with a black top hat, a cape, a black tie, black shoes and a black mask (think of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon). It seemed that she was the only person wearing a red dress with the black laced trim and showing her cleavage. She looked down to the floor sighing softly, knowing Matt wouldn't be there to dance with her.

Suddenly she felt a gentle hand resting lightly on her shoulder. When she turned around, she gasped. Before her was a young man, dressed entirely in red and black. His hat, mask, cape, pants, shirt, and even his shoes were red and black. A white, gloved hand was on her shoulder.

"May I have this dance?" The man asked in a deep, wonderful voice.

She nodded slowly. his hand moved down to her waist and her hand moved to his shoulder. His arm muscles were firm. He slowly took her hand, and immediately pulled her out to the dance floor. They danced gracefully to the music of the waltz.

Daisy giggled as he spun her around, whirling her away from him for a moment, only to bring her whirling back against him. They danced happily, as if in a dream, the world around them ceasing to exist, the only thing left was them. It was magical. His feet worked perfectly in time with hers, as they glided gracefully all over the dance floor.

Every single person, or couple on the dance floor stepped back to watch the young man and woman in red and black.

Her hair danced around her shoulders as once again the man in red and black twirled her around. She felt somewhat guilty for having so much fun with this young man, and she felt unfaithful to Matt. But a part of her told her it was okay. However, all of her thoughts were pushed away and she focused once more on dancing.

When the music stopped, Daisy and the man in red and black, walked and finally realized they had an audience. The gymnasium broke into cheers and applause. Both blushed and walked over to the refreshments table.

Daisy looked desperately into the mask of the young man before her, trying with all her might to see his eyes. If only she could see who he was. Her eyebrows wrinkled in frustration. He smiled at her.

"Please, tell me who you are," she pleaded to him.

"Has it been so long Daisy, that you do not know me anymore?" The young man asked.

"Who are you?" Daisy asked again.

Slowly he removed his hat, revealing his wild blonde hair. His fingers grasped the mask, and pulled it lightly. When his hand moved out of the way of his face, she gasped. 'Those eyes, that hair... it's Matt!'

She flung her arms around him, squeezing him so tightly he could hardly breathe. Tears flowed from her eyes. "Babe, I thought you were dead!" She cried grasping him tighter.

"Never Daisy. I'd never leave you, my angel," he whispered back, hugging her close to him.

She cried hysterically into his shoulder. Mixed emotions flowed through her. She felt joy, sadness, relief, love, trust and concern all at once.

"Matt I wasn't able to tell you this because I was interrupted. I love you and trust you," She said, her voice barely above a whisper, her lips lightly brushing his ear.

He pulled back from her. His deep sapphire eyes, much like hers, were filled with tears. She hoped she had done the right thing by telling him.

"Matt I understand if mmm..." she started to say, but Matt's lips cut her off.

His lips moved on hers, kissing them, caressing them, needing them. This kiss was soft, sweet, passionate, longing, desperate, loving, gentle, sexy and magical. She let her lips move against his, caressing them, kissing them, and needing them. Her soft, Strawberry balm flavored lips hypnotized him into a trance. His firm lips made her feel weak. She fell limply against him. Their lips parted, teasing the other, then met again, reaching passionately for each other over and over again. Their lips made soft, wet sounds as they crushed their lips together, practically eating each other.

Daisy moaned loudly. She felt giddy, she giggled softly on his lips. He felt the same way. Matt's tongue started to glide over her sweet tasting lips, prying at the corners of her mouth, trying desperately to open her lips, wanting so badly to taste her. Teasingly, she refused to open her lips for him.   He playfully bit her bottom lip. When she opened her mouth to say, 'Okay now you're gonna get it Ishida' he thrust his tongue into her mouth.           

He felt her go completely limp when his tongue clashed with hers. Holding onto her more firmly, he let his tongue work it's way around her mouth.     Her tongue slipped slowly into his mouth, doing the same as his. Their tongues touched and licked everything in the other's mouth. Then their tongues met yet again, touching and licking, further deepening the kiss. Her lungs burned for air, but she denied their pleading request, kissing him harder and more passionately, like it was the most addictive drug.

Reluctantly they pulled away. They gazed into each other's eyes. They hugged quickly and shared a short kiss.

"Matt, you don't know how much I missed you," Daisy said.

"When the plane crashed, the only thing that kept me alive was I knew I had to live for you Daisy. You saved my life, my angel," he whispered, kissing her neck softly.

"Ohh..." She moaned.

"I love you and trust you," they said in unison.

Slowly they came together for yet another kiss. This kiss was so passionate, so loving, so joyful, that words couldn't describe it. Their kiss, their passion, outdid those top five most passionate kisses, making those kisses seem like child's play. As their lips crushed together, melted together, glued together, the kiss and passion, love, trust, everything broke through the walls of love, bypassing it greatly. Sanity was destroyed as the need for each other grew. And it was then, with that very kiss, they knew they would forever be together, forever in pure love, joy, and passion. They knew that this would affect everybody.

Out of Daisy poured a bright, teal light, and out of Matt flowed a sapphire mist, the two blending together, making a magnificent light, touching the hearts of every human, animal and Digimon, peace ruling over everybody, including those asleep and those awake. Those that were sick were healed, those that were dying felt the pure joy, those that held hate in their hearts became the most trusting of people. And so, the uniting of Trust and Friendship, ceased all anger, hate, and pain in the world. That had been what they were destined for.

And let it be known throughout the world, that forever peace, trust and love will rule, because two young hearts broke the walls of love and trust.

The end.

A/N: Man that was long. Well, I thought this up yesterday and I kinda changed it a bit. Like replacing Sora's name with Daisy's. because I don't like Sorato, because I prefer her with Tai. and I love Taiora too much. And come to think of it, that's what I've been doing with my other one-shots. I hope it'll please all you Maisy fans, if there are any. Please comment nicely, or if you don't have time to, just fave as usual, I tried really really hard. God Bless, ~digidestinedgirl09

(c) digidestinedgirl09

10/14/14 (October 14th, 2014)

Breaking the Walls of Love
Daisy and Matt meet 2 years after Matt is assumed dead in a plane crash. What will happen? If you want to know, READ it. This is for TaylorWalls623. Maisy.

Daisy (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Matt (c) Whoever created Digimon and him.


Disclaimer: No, I still don't own Digimon. only Daisy.

A/N: Okay, so I was thinking and this little idea came to me. I'm actually working with the end of Season 2. *sweatdrops* Don't hate me! I don't know the names of Matt and Daisy's children, so I made them up. I looked everywhere. *sigh* Anyway:

Matt, Daisy: 27

Akari: 8 (daughter)

Tatsuya: 5 (son)


Daisy looked up at the slamming of the door, her daughter stormed into the house with a blank look on her face, behind her, trailed her younger brother, clutching a huge teddy bear. She watched with some amusement and a little sadness as the young girl sat herself down on the couch, obviously in a bad mood. Why does this always happen? she asked herself with a sigh.


She scooped the little boy into her arms, glad to see that at least he was happy, "Hi, Tatsuya sweetie?"
He showed her the teddy bear, a grin almost splitting his face, "Look what my daddy won for me!"
Daisy looked at her still scowling daughter and sighed again, "That's great Tatsuya! Look, why don't you introduce him to Tsunomon and get washed up for dinner, huh?"

"Okay!" he chirped, obviously in a rush to show his new friend to his digimon, he dashed into his room, almost shutting the door on the teddy bear's legs.
She sat down on the couch, placing her arm around the little girl, "Akari, what's the matter now? Didn't you have fun with your cousin?"

"It's not that," Akari's eyes glittered with tears, "I want us to do stuff the way we used to. Why couldn't you come with us?"

Daisy sighed, stroking the girl's thick, blonde hair, "Akari, you know I can't. Today was your father's day with you, he only gets to see you once a week, you know. You should make the time you spend with him special."

"If he still lived here we'd see him every day," Akari swiped at the few tears that had escaped their prison, she hated crying in front of her mother, it made her feel like such a girl.


"Why can't he stay here?" she demanded, already knowing the answer, "I just want us to all be together again."
"It's just not possible, sweetheart," Daisy explained for the millionth time, "Mommy and Daddy have separated."
"But why?" she asked again, sniffling a little.

"Because," Daisy said sharply, not really wanting to think about that, "Go get cleaned up."
"Fine," the little girl scowled again, her temper, reminiscent of her father's was evident when she slammed the door shut.

Daisy sank back into the couch, tears prickling at her own eyes. Kari wasn't adapting to the situation, even if it had been going on for months now. She'd separated from Matt last year, almost six months ago, and nothing had been going right since.

"Daisy, are you okay?"

She smiled a little at the familiar, girly-pitched voice, "I don't really know, Lunamon."

The purple, bunny-like digimon patted her arm, "It'll be okay, Daisy," she sat herself down next to her human partner, "Why don't you call him?"

"Call who?"

"Matt, silly," Lunamon said like it was the most obvious thing in the world, "It's clear that you two need to talk."

"Lunamon, I haven't talked to Matt for six months, I didn't have anything to say to him, and I don't have anything to say to him now," Daisy said, "I'm just worried about Akari."

"There," Lunamon said triumphantly, "You do have something to talk about, Akari!"

Daisy rolled her eyes, "Lunamon..."


"What's the matter, Matt?"

"Huh?" his attention snapped to the dog-like digimon peering worriedly up at him, "Nothing's the matter, Gabumon, I'm just thinking, that's all."

"Oh," Gabumon was silent for a minute, obviously mulling over what he had just said, "What're you thinking about?"

Matt gave him a wry grin, "You sure are nosy, you know that?" He looked out the window again, "It's nothing important, really."

"Is it Daisy?"

"What? No! Of course not!"

The look on Matt's face told Gabumon all he needed to know, "If it's not Daisy, then what is it?"

Matt looked down at his friend for a second and laughed almost bitterly, "You're way too nosy, Gabumon," he said, in a 'don't ask me anymore questions' tone of voice.

The small digimon sighed, and Matt continued his train of thought. Daisy, it's been six months and I still think about you every day. He picked up the bass guitar lying against the wall. He may have quit the band, but that didn't mean that he'd stopped playing.

He plucked a few notes, thinking about the good times he'd had with the band. He missed those times. From memory, he began playing, wincing at the few sour notes. I hate being an astronaut. Daisy had told him not to, she'd told him that he'd hate it.     That he should continue what he loved best, music. I was so stupid. She'd told him she was pregnant, and like an idiot, he'd come to the conclusion that having a musician father wasn't what he wanted for his child. They'd have a big discussion over it, he closed his eyes, remembering...

"Matt, I just don't want you to do something you'll regret," Daisy said softly, pleading with him.

He gave her that grin that she loved and went nuts over, "If I'm going to be a father, I should probably be more responsible. If I stay with the band, I'll be touring all the time, I'd never be home. My father was never around for me, I want to be around for our baby."

She sighed sadly, "I just can't imagine you doing anything else, you were born with a gift, Mattie. You should use it."

"I'd rather be with you," he murmured, kissing her forehead softly.

He played a bad note, and scowled, What a joke! He thought of all the songs he'd written, most of them for her and his depression grew. Love, we thought we were in love. Look at us now.

The problem was that they'd fallen in love too fast, gotten married too fast. Everything had gone downhill from there. A tear slid down his cheek unnoticed. I still love you, Daisy.


The digimon looked at his friend, "Yeah, Matt?"

"You think Akari was okay when she got home? She was sulking all day."

Gabumon shrugged, pointing to the phone, "There's only one way for you to find out..."


Akari stormed over to her bed and sat down, her lower lip trembling violently. Moonmon hopped over to where she sat, a concerned look on it's face, "Akari, what's wrong?"

Tears welled up in the little girl's eyes, and she shook her head, grabbing the small digimon and hugging it, "Why can't we all live together again, Moonmon?" she sniffled, wiping her nose with the back of her hand, "I want everything to go back to the way it was!"

Her digimon partner looked sad, snuggling up against the girl, "It'll be okay, Akari. You'll still see your father on weekends," the small creature hoping to be of some comfort.

"It's not the same! I liked it when daddy stayed with us!" the little girl wailed, "Why can't he stay with us, Moonmon?"
Tatsuya chose that moment to barge into the room,"Tsunomon likes him!" The small head cradled in his arms nodded, smiling.
Akari hurriedly wiped away her tears, "That's great Tatsuya," she sniffled again.

"What's wrong?"

She shook her head, not wanting to upset her brother too, "It's nothing really."
"Oh, okay." He began to play with Tsunomon and his new teddy bear, she watched him in silence, lost in her thoughts.
The shrill ringing of the phone in the hallway pierced the silence. It stopped abruptly when her mother answered it.

"Moshi, moshi?"

There was a sharp intake of breath, then, "Matt, it's been a while."

Akari listened with interest now, her father never called to talk to her mother. If he needed to talk to them he usually made sure that he called when he knew she would be out.

"Yes, she did come home upset. Uh-huh, I think she's still getting adjusted to-"

They were talking about her! Akari felt slightly guilty for making her parents worry so much, but the guilt was overwhelmed with the joy she felt because they were communicating again.

"I really don't think-" her mother sighed, obviously cut off by the voice on the other line, "Well, I guess it couldn't hurt. Okay, thanks for calling Matt. Ja ne." Her voice sounded strained as the conversation drew to a close.

Akari smiled, what was it Uncle T.K. always said? Don't stop hoping just because something isn't going the way you want it to. Maybe everything will be okay after all... She hugged Moonmon tighter, feeling much better.


Daisy stared at the now silent phone, wondering how she'd gotten into this situation. "Lunamon," she began slowly, "That was Matt," she eyed the digimon suspiciously, "He wanted to talk about Akari."

The small, purple digimon smiled, "That's what you wanted to do too! Isn't it weird how both of you think in the same way?"
"Very," Daisy shook her head, "You didn't plan this with Gabumon did you?"

Lunamon sweatdropped, eyes suspiciously wide, "No, how could I? I haven't seen Gabumon in a very long time."
Daisy smiled wryly, Lunamon was so transparent sometimes, "Well, I'm meeting Matt for lunch on Friday-"

"That's nice!" Lunamon squeaked in her girly-pitched voice, "What are you going to wear?"
She laughed, "Lunamon, I'm just meeting him to talk about Akari, it's not a date or anything like that. I'm not worried about what I'm wearing."

Her digimon partner gave her a knowing look, "If you say so..."


Daisy checked her appearance in the mirror for the fiftieth time. She rearranged her Jester Red Crew Neck Bandage dress and adjusted the necklace that Matt got her for her seventeenth birthday slightly. She sighed, looking at the reflection that stared back at her, grabbed the hair curler, plugged it in and waited for it to heat up. when it was hot enough, she picked it up and began to curl her hair. Satisfied with her hair, she unplugged the hair curler and put it back in the drawer, and she began to apply some blush. Her love for makeup hadn't diminished over the years and she often went out with nothing more than sunscreen and lip gloss, but today, she wanted to look special. and that was putting on black mascara and eyeshadow. which made her eyes stand out and gave her that smoldering look and then put on her black strapped heels for last.

"I thought you said it wasn't a date," Lunamon said from the doorway.

"It's not a date!" Daisy replied, slightly frustrated, "I just... want to look nice."

"Well, I'm sure Matt will like it."

Daisy glared at her friend, "Lunamon..."

The small digimon shrugged, backing slowly out of the room, apparently nervous because of the evil look the digidestined of trust was giving her.

Daisy turned back to the mirror, biting her lip nervously. Why do I feel like this? It's just Matt. Just Matt, her ex-husband, the man she once loved, still loved. Still loved? She frowned at her reflection, did she still love him? Her gaze wandered to the window, the buildings outside. Why did you change, Matt? When we first started dating... you were so sweet. You were everything to me. How did it all go so wrong?

Tachidomaru jikan ga

Ugokidasou to shiteru

Wasuretakunai koto bakari

"Hey babe," he smiled sexily, sitting down beside her, "How's my angel?"

She blushed slightly, and his smile grew at the sight of her embarrassment, "Matt... do you really mean that?"

He put an arm around her, pulling her close to him, smelling the scent of her hairspray and loving it, "I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true," he leaned in closer to whisper in her ear, "I love you and trust you, Daisy."

Ashita wo imagoro ni wa

Watashi wa kitto naiteru

Anata wo omotteru n darou

"What's this?" he asked, looking at the box curiously, before looking up to meet her eyes.

"Uh..." she took a deep breath, "A Christmas present, for you." She winced at that, Duh Daisy, state the obvious!

"For me?" he smiled, "Thanks, Daisy." He ran his hand through his blonde locks, shoving a stubborn chunk from his eyes,            "I feel bad, I didn't get you anything."

She felt her face grow warm, "It's nothing special... just some brownies I made. You don't need to get me anything, Matt."

He opened the box, inhaling the aroma, "They smell great!" His grin almost split his face as he took a brownie out and tried it.

"Any good?"

"You're kidding me right?" For a second, she thought he was serious and her heart dropped, I worked so hard... "These are great! Oooh. are these M&M's?" He noticed that she added a little sweet touch to the brownies. "Uh-huh..." she replied nervously. Impulsively, he hugged her, "You're the best, Daisy!"

She managed a shaky smile at his proclamation, still off guard from the hug, "Thanks, Matt. Have a good concert sweetie."

You will always be inside of my heart

Itsumo anata dake no basho ga aru kara

I hope that I have a place in your heart too

Now and forever you are still the one

Ima wa mada kanashii love song

Atarashii uta utaeru made


"Yeah, Matt?" she looked at him, wondering why on earth he had asked to meet her after the concert.

"I-uh..." he stammered, searching for the right words, "I guess you're wondering why I asked you to wait for me, huh?"

"The thought did cross my mind," she commented dryly with a humor side she didn't really feel. Why is it that every time I'm alone with him, every time I'm close to him, I feel so... weird?

"Well, I wanted to, uh, tell you something..." he trailed off, stepping closer to her, grabbing her hands, "Daisy, I-uh...," he muttered. Impulsively he released her hands and cupped her chin, so that she looked him fully in the eyes, then, he kissed her.

Emotions swirled around her as his lips consumed hers, all of them too confusing to make sense of. Finally, too soon, he pulled away and she found herself staring into matching glowing blue orbs like hers. "Sorry," he murmured softly, avoiding eye contact, "I-just..."

She placed a finger on his lips, a small smile playing on her own, "Matt?" He looked at her with confused eyes, "Do you think you could do that again? I liked it."


Matt smoothed his hair down, then spiked it up again, he went for a look that was somewhere in the middle. Gabumon watched, stifling a smile, "Matt? You've been doing that for about fifteen minutes now, don't you think you should be going?"

"Huh?" He looked over at his digimon partner, "Gabumon, what do you think? Does it look better flat or spiked, or maybe somewhere in between..." he trailed off, returning to his reflection.

Gabumon coughed to get Matt's attention, "Go with somewhere in between, it's more casual."

"Are you sure? I mean, it might look weird to Daisy..."

The digimon rolled his eyes, "Matt, I don't think Daisy will be that concerned with your hair. Aren't you guys meeting to talk about Akari?"

"Yeah, but..." Matt looked in the mirror one last time, and sighed, Gabumon was right, why was he thinking that she was coming specifically to see him? He'd practically forced her into this 'meeting' anyway? Daisy, I have to try and get you back. His heart constricted tightly in his chest, he was seeing his ex-wife for the first time in six months. What do you normally do in a situation like that? It used to be so easy to talk to her, they had been best friends as well as lovers. That couldn't be so easily reached again. Can I get you to trust me again, Daisy?

Until you're back here baby,

Miss you, want you, need you so

Until you're back here baby,

There's a feeling inside I want you to know

You are the one and I can't

Let you go

"Matt?" her voice was tremulous, as she grasped blindly at the air.

He grabbed her arm, steadying her and keeping her from falling, "Whoa, slow down there, Daisy, it's kind of bumpy here. Just hold on to my arm."

"Matt, where are we going?" her voice was calmer now that he was holding her.

"You're just going to have to trust me, Daisy," he smiled a little, "Do you trust me?"

She gripped his arm tighter, as she tripped and stumbled a little, "Of course I do, I'm just... curious."

"Well you can stop being curious," he said softly, taking off the blindfold.

She stared at the scene in front of her, "Oh, Matt! It's beautiful!"

He slipped an arm around her petite waist, glad that she liked it, "I come up here all the time when I want to think, it helps me clear my head. I thought that I should share it with you. Make it our place," he felt his face grow slightly warm. Okay, that just sounded stupid and lame!

She smiled, "You can see all of Odaiba from here, Matt," lights from a hundred houses reflected and danced in her eyes, "It's amazing!" She leaned against him, placing a soft kiss on his lips, "Thank you for sharing this place with me," she murmured softly, "Thank you for trusting me enough to take me here."

"I-" he was glad it was dark, his face felt like it was burning up, "I'd trust you with my life," he said sincerely, he placed a kiss on her nose, "I mean that."

So I told you lies,

Even made you cry

Baby I was so wrong

Girl, I promise you

Now my love is true

This is where my heart belongs

"Matt..." her voice broke slightly, "I just don't think that this is working out..."

"What? Why?" he hated the demanding tone in his voice, hated the fact that he showed that he needed her so much, "Daisy..."

She turned from him, her face half-hidden by her hair, "I can't do this, Matt. It's like I'm not important. Do you realize that this is the second date you've ruined this week?"

Guilt washed over him, "Kami, I'm sorry, Daisy. I had-"

"Band practice, I know."

Was that the problem? "Daisy, we'll cut back on rehearsals," he was begging now, "Don't do this, Daisy... please..." he stepped forward, one hand reaching for her. She sidestepped him, still refusing to look at him.

"Don't. Don't make this hard, Matt," her voice was barely above a whisper.

She began to walk away, never looking back. He fought the tears that threatened to show. I can't let her just walk away, not without knowing why... "Daisy!" he chased after her, his heavy bass guitar thudding against his back with every step,               "Wait!" He caught her around the waist, spinning her around to face him, tears glittered in her eyes, falling and splashing on the back of his hand. "I can't let you go. Give me a reason, one good reason, why I should just let you walk away."

"Matt, I'm pregnant."

Cause here I am, so alone

And there's nothing in this world I can do

"DAISY!!" His voice was starting to get hoarse, but he didn't care, "DAISY! WAKE UP!"

A tousle headed figure appeared in the window several stories above him, her eyes widened at the sight of him, "Matt?"


She was looking around frantically, making sure he hadn't woken anyone else up, no such luck, there were lights turning on all over the apartment building. "Matt," she hissed, "What do you think you're doing?"

He took a deep breath, partially so he could continue yelling like an idiot and partially to calm his nerves, "I LOVE YOU DAISY, CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

She nodded her head, blushing heavily. "GOOD! CAUSE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY IS IMPORTANT!" A thousand butterflies took wing in his stomach, "DAISY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

She was silent for a second and he felt his stomach lurch, She thinks I'm a total idiot... Why had he decided to do this again? Tai's idea, right, it had seemed like a good idea at the time.


Despite himself, Matt chuckled, Daisy was deeper shade of red now. Slowly, a grin crept up her face, "YES! I WILL, MATT!"


Nervously, she fiddled with the paper napkin, tearing it slightly. She frowned at that, taking another deep breath to calm her nerves. I should've let Lunamon tag along... she'd say something that would make me forget about my nervousness...

The bell above the door jangled noisily, signaling the arrival of a tall blonde-haired man. Matt... her heart rate quickened and she ducked her head in an attempt to avoid eye contact. What do I say?

It was impossible not to notice her chocolate brown hair, his eyes softened as he looked at her. She hasn't changed... She was still the same Daisy he'd first met in the digital world, the same, but different. A soft sigh escaped his lips, he could look at her forever, but she would see him sooner or later.


She looked up, sapphire eyes meeting his bright blue ones, "M-matt..." It's not fair that he can do this to me... She forced herself to sound as casual as possible, "I didn't see you come in," she motioned to the seat that was across from her, "How have you been?"

"Fine," he kept his eyes on her, drinking the sight of her, "It's been awhile, huh?"

"Yeah," she sipped at her water, carefully avoiding eye contact.

He noticed and his heart sank, "Um, shall we order?" he asked with false cheerfulness. She hates me...

"The sandwiches are good here," she commented softly.

"Oh," he sounded surprised, "You come here often?"

She shrugged, deciding to get straight to the point, "Matt, why are we beating around the bush? We're here to talk, so lets talk, okay, hun?"


"Kari's not adapting to the situation," Daisy announced crisply, not allowing him to get a word in.

"Well, that's stating the obvious," he said bluntly, Two can play at this game, Daisy.

"It's not just that, she's refusing to adapt."

He shook his head, "She's only eight, Daisy. She doesn't understand any of this." I don't understand any of this... "Give her some time."

"Matt-" she bit back the words on the tip of her tongue, You aren't there, you don't see her, see how much she's hurting... It was her fault that he wasn't there. She had been the one to hurt her daughter. Angrily, she blinked back tears.

"Daisy? Are you okay?" the concern lacing his voice was genuine, "Do you want something to drink, or-"

"I'm fine," she attempted to smile, a first of the day, "Matt, she's really hurting because of the split."

He looked down at the table, "I never wanted the split. You were the one that said-"

She interrupted him, angry at having her fears confirmed, "I know what happened, I was there! I know it's my fault that my daughter is in pain! You think I don't tell myself that every day? Every time she comes home upset, I know it's because of me!" she brushed away the tears that threatened, looking at Matt with fire in her eyes, "Do you really think that I don't blame myself?"

He reached for her hand, only concerned with comforting her, only wanting to see her smile. "Daisy, it's not your fault," he murmured softly, "It just happened, okay? It's no one's fault, the circumstances were... against us."

"That's real nice," she spat, "Did your father tell you that when you asked about your parents' split?"

He recoiled as if bitten and she instantly felt guilty. His parents' divorce was still a touchy subject and he never liked to talk about it. Kami, I'm so stupid! Could I make things worse? The tears fell from her cheeks, landing on the cold tabletop. Guilt assaulted her from all sides. I did this, I caused all this, it's all my fault...

She couldn't forget how they had argued every night, how bitter and angry she had become, how hurt he had been at her accusations. I was so stupid and lame. He tried his best, he wanted to be a good father...

Mirror, mirror lie to me

Show me what I want to see...

"Is work the only thing that's important to you, Matt?" her voice was shrill, cracking slightly.

"Daisy," he reached for her, a hurt expression appearing when she shielded away from him, "I am trying. Okay? I'm sorry, I'm sorry I wasn't here."

"I don't care," she said tiredly, "I just don't care anymore. Do whatever the hell you want, okay? Just don't expect me to wait here and be the perfect housewife. I have a life too, Matt! I have photo shoots, fashion shows... it doesn't help me when you're not around. Being a model is tough. Even Sora should know that. And she's the one that dresses me for the runways when I model her designs. and when I look at her creations, they look amazing. and she even offered to design some new stuff for me. and I said yes on the spot. You can't turn down an opportunity like that. How am I supposed to handle two hyperactive kids by myself?!" her voice grew louder with each word, taking on a hysterical edge.

He glared back, not about to be cowed, "Do you think it's easy for me? Huh? I never see the kids, I never see you! I'm sick of this, Daisy!"

Why did I let you walk away?
When all I had to do was say

"I'm sorry"

I let my pride get in the way

And in the heat of the moment I was to blame

"Fine!" she slammed Sora's design folios that she let Daisy borrow down on the table, "If you're so sick of this, why don't you just leave?!"

He stared for a second, "I'm not my father," he said stiffly, "I will never, never be my father."

"Go away, Matt. I've had enough. I can't deal with this," she turned back to her work, "Don't just stand there, okay? Go."

"You wanted this, Daisy," he said coldly, "I'm not coming back, if you want me to go, I will, but I'm not coming back."

"Fine," she didn't even look up from her work as the door slammed.

"I'm sorry," she murmured, never taking her eyes off the tabletop, "I'm so sorry."

He attempted a smile, "Hey, it's okay, really."

"No, it's not," she met his eyes for a second, before looking away, unable to take the intense of his gaze, "I've been so stupid and lame. It's all my fault that this happened and-"

"Hey," he interrupted gently, "It's my fault too, babe. If I hadn't gotten so caught up in work you wouldn't have become so stressed out," slowly, he reached over and grasped her chin, tipping it upwards, "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, Daisy."

Inexplicably, her eyes filled with tears, "Matt..."

He reached up and gently wiped the moisture from her eyes, "I want us to work this out, Daisy. These last six months have been the worst six months of my life," he paused, drawing a deep breath, "I need you, Daisy. I will do anything to have you back.        I'll quit my job, I'll cook, I'll -"

"It's not that easy," she interrupted, "Everything that happened, I don't know if I can forget that." She could still feel the light touch of his fingers on her skin, burning, sending shivers down her spine.

"Do you love and trust me?" he asked softly, "Look at me, if you can't say that you don't love me and make me believe it I'll let it go."

"I-" she lost herself in those blue orbs that matched hers, the color had never dimmed, in all the years they had been together, his eyes stayed the same, "I... can't."

He reached over, pulling her face close to his, kissing her gently. The pressure of his lips on hers, so familiar and yet so new, awakened long hidden emotions. Instinctively, she opened her strawberry-glossed mouth slightly, deepening the kiss and making her faint and moan. Matt... he always does this to me... and I love and trust him for it...

Too soon, he pulled away, catching his breath, "I love and trust you," he whispered softly, his hot breath brushing against the soft skin on her face, "I always have and I always will," he wiped away the new tears that were forming in her eyes, "Don't cry, Daisy. I can't stand to see you cry."

That made the tears well even faster, He loves and trusts me. Despite everything, he still loves and trusts me. I don't deserve that... I don't deserve the kind of love and trust he has for me...

His hand cupped her cheek lovingly, "Give me another chance, please. I promise you, Daisy, you won't regret it," he made to kiss her again, but she pulled away.

"Matt," her voice was hoarse, "I love you, I trust you, I've tried to hide it for so long, but it's still there." Her voice grew stronger, "But, I can't just let you back into my life like that," tears glistened in her eyes, "I don't want a repeat of what happened before, baby."

"We'll take it slow," his voice was soothing, a balm to her angelic soul, "I need you to trust me again," he held her hand tightly, "Believe me, Daisy, I will make you trust me again. One chance, that's all I need my angel."

Slowly, she nodded her head. Fearful of this new decision she had made, but knowing that it was the right choice. Angelic tears spilled down her cheeks and he pulled her close, kissing her again.


A/N: *breathes huge sigh of relief* What I wanted to be a rather small fan fic/one-shot has... expanded. It got real sappy at the end. Oh well... I'll get to working on the next one-shot in a little bit. I hope you guys liked it. Comment and let me know what you think, 'kay? or if you can't and are too good for that, just fave as usual. Thanks for reading!

Second disclaimer: The songs used in this fan fic/one-shot are not mine, they belong to their respective artists. The songs are,   in the order of appearance:

First Love- Utada Hikaru

Back Here- BBMak

Mirror, Mirror- M2M

Translation of the extract of First Love:

The time that is stopped

Is trying to move on

So many things I don't want to forget

Tomorrow, by this time of day

I'll certainly be crying

I'll be thinking of you

You will always be inside of my heart

Because there will always be a place for you

I hope that I have a place in your heart too

Now and forever you are still the one

Now it's still a sad love song

Until I can sing a new song

Maisy. Sometimes you can't fight what's in your heart, sometimes you say things you don't mean... sometimes, you just need a chance to make things right.

Daisy (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Matt (c) Whoever owns Digimon

Courageous Love- A Taiora Love Story

Birthday Kisses and Surprises

Different Valentines: Sunset to Sunrise

Day After

Four Years' Worth Of Tries


Cold Lips

Help Me, Save Me, Kiss Me

A Fragile Heart is the Easiest to Break

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Confessions of Loverboy's Love to Daisy

One Sweet Day

Bitter Sweet Memories [sequel to One Sweet Day]

Boku Wa Itsudemo Soba Ni Iru



You Practically Rock

I Don't Come Out Of Thin Air

Old Magic


Hallelujah (Completed but not going to be posted on dA for 6 and a half months)

Sapphire Eyes


Cherry Blossom Wind


~*Incomplete One-Shots~*

From Geek to Prom Queen Material (Monday)

There She Goes (Tuesday)

 Reconciliations (Wednesday)

Breaking the Walls Of Love (Thursday)

Thank You For Loving Me (Friday)


Train Car

If the time could freeze

Lost Memories

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Love Is Sweet

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Worlds of Pride

So Much For The Afterglow

Because Matt was High!

I Can't Help Myself

Kiss The Girl

Against The Sunrise

It's Only Just a Quiz

















More Than One

Fade To Black


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Second Chances

Four Years Later

Our Hearts' Desire

For Blue Skies



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All for One and One for All

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Paperback Romance Fiction


What Really Happened

The Party

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I Did It

A Birthday To Remember

Matt's Diary

Love's End

I Love You

Still In Love With You


It's The Brownies

Beautiful Dreamers

Gimp, Dodgeball and Romance

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Complications With Trust and Friendship

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Another Starlit Night

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Project: MAISY I

Project: MAISY II

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28b: Restoration

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First Love

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Sin Ti




Por Que Yo

Siempre es de noche

Solitary Man

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Deliciously naughty, part 2

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You've got a boy, You've got a girl

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Crest of Friendship, Crest of Trust

I'm Already There (Don't Cry)

The Soap Opera we call 'Life'


Bright Eyes

A cure for Death

The power of Trust and Friendship

Daisy's Pregnant?!

HaPpInEsS Is NoT A FiSh ThAt YoU CaN CaTcH

All I need is you

Another story called AlL I NeeD IS yOU

A poitnless Sappy Maisy

When I fall

Looking through your eyes

The Fight For Three Digi Worlds

My Best Friend

This I Promise You

I'll Be

Never Had a Dream Come True

A Damn Cold Night

OHS: Senior Year

The Evil Twin

The Key

Artificial Trust... Or Is That Friendship?

POV's on Yamato

Falling BACK In Love (And set when the DD are married and have kids and a description will be explained whenever I get a new mouse for my laptop.)

Life's Little Games

Princess of the Magical Chaotic Secrets

The Guy Next Door


Article II

Persuasion: Maisy

Shared Memories

Days like this

Wet, Cold and Fun

The Story

Lost and found

Daughter's first day at achool


La razon



Despues: Aniversario


Las dudas de una madre primeriza

Como una flor


Four seasons with your love

Indigno para amar

Reflexion sobre el amor

Fuego en el infierno

Pequena Picara

Un beso de invierno

Adios mi amigo fiel

Un nuevo aspecto, un nuevo amor

Fatididico fin de ano


Promises on the Stone

First Love

Cancer: More than just a killer

Suicides don't go to Heaven...or do they?

3- Songfic (Daisy) and Daisy's song for the Basketball game because she's a cheerleader

Sweeter Than Fiction- Songfic (Daisy x Matt) and Daisy and Matt's feelings for each other

Pick Up the Pieces- Songfic (Matt x Daisy) and Matt's song for Daisy

 ~* Holiday-Related One-Shots ~*

Hot Chocolate (On hold for 3 months)

Christmas Present (On hold for 3 months)

Daisy's Birthday Surprise (On hold for 3 months)

Foolish Pride (On hold for 3 months)

The Eve of Trust and Friendship (On hold for 3 months)

A very-digi Christmas (On hold for 3 months)

What Christmas Means To Me (On hold for 3 months)

Maisy, it all started at Christmas (On hold for 3 months)

Happy Valentine's Day? (On hold for 5 months)

How Hard Can it Be? (On hold for 5 months)

Worth Waiting For (On hold for 5 months)

To Be Loved (On hold for 5 months)

Breath of Spring (On hold for 7 months)

The Great Egg Hunt (On hold for 7 months)

The Mother She Never Knew (On hold for 9 months)

Late Night Studying (Daisy x Matt)

'The Aqua Village Saga'

Love, American Style (Yamato Ishida x Daisy Hirayama)

Welcome...Sister (Yamato Ishida x Daisy Hirayama)

The First Time: Taichi x Sora

Christmas: Digi-Style

Christmas Digi-Style:Part 2: The Concert

Christmas Digi-Style:Part 3: Party Time!

The First Time: Taiora

Soundtrack Info (Series Soundtrack)

Another Power

Movie Night


A Short Time Later


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