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These are drawings that I made from dA muro!and I also have fanfics too.






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Name: Natalia Suárez

Middle Name: Alondra

Nicknames: Nata (Rosita, Clio and Lars call her that), Nattie (Reggie, Trish, Sherry, Otto and Sam call her that)

Meaning of her name: A girl who is kind as anyone can ever imagine. She always can make someone feel better and is a really good friend. Always is really understanding and can help you out of any situation. She has an amazing sense of humour and knows how to have fun! She will always stick by you if you are her friend and will always be kind and take care of you. She is very romantic and is an excellent kisser. If you ever lose her you will never forgive yourself because it will be most biggest mistake of your life. She will always make sure you are feeling ok and knows when you want space.

Age: 17 (current age) 24 (in the future)

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Height: 5'4

Weight: I'm not saying. because that's too personal

D.O.B.: September 19th, 1989

Birthplace: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Skin Color: Olive

Hometown and currently living in: Ocean Shores, California

School: Ocean Shores High School or College

Grade: 11th eventually going to 12th

Friends: Otto Rocket, Reggie Rocket, Sam Dullard, Trish, Sherry Chin, Clio Rodriguez, Keoni Makani, Leilani Makani, Eddie Valentine, Oliver Van Rossum, Twister Rodriguez, Lars Rodriguez, Pi Piston, Spudz Ringley, Animal, Conroy Blanc, Crystal, Lizzie, Ramón José Jiménez, Rosita Marisol Jiménez, Trent.

Best Friends: Rosita Jiménez, Reggie Rocket, Otto Rocket, Sam Dullard, Clio Rodriguez, Trish, Sherry Chin, Keoni Makani, Leilani Makani (enemy for now) Eddie Valentine, Oliver Van Rossum, Twister Rodriguez, Lars Rodriguez, Pi Piston, Spudz Ringley, Animal, Conroy Blanc, Ramón José Jiménez.

Current boyfriend, Fiancé and husband in the future: Lars Rodriguez.

Personality: Active, Adventurous, Affectionate (when she and Lars are alone together), Annoyed (When Pi or Animal try to flirt with her), Bashful (When she's around Lars), Bright (When it also comes to school), Carefree (When she's around Otto and the gang), Faithful (When it comes to Lars), Feisty (When it comes to her attitude), Giddy (When she and Lars kiss), Naughty (When she and Lars have their hot-and-heavy moments)

Family: Gustavo Suárez (Father), Alondra Suárez (Mother)

Love: Lorenzo "Lars" Rodriguez

Ex-Boyfriend: N/A (because Lars is her first and only boyfriend, and also because she was single for a long time)

Allies: Otto Rocket, Reggie Rocket, Sam Dullard, Twister Rodriguez, Lars Rodriguez, Pi Piston, Spudz Ringley, Animal, Ramón José Jiménez, Rosita Marisol Jiménez.

Enemies: Leilani Makani (until they call a truce), Mackenzie Benders (because she kicked Lars in the groin and flung him during 'The Great Sandcastle Race' episode).

One good quality: Supportive (When Lars gets promoted and becomes an officer)

One bad-quality: Jealousy (When she thinks that Lars is spending too much time with his friends)

Hobbies: Skateboard, Surf, Roller blade, Hockey and anything that has to do with being outside

Interests: Anything that has to do with sports

Dislikes: Bad smells

Likes: Spending time with Lars, pets, being active

Quotes: Te dije de tu traiga culo de vuelta a casa ahora. (I said bring your ass back home now!)
(last one I totally made up and says it whenever Lars is out late and is too busy to come home), Look he the one who said it alright., Say what? (when Leilani says something racist to Rosita in front of her), Let's go! (When Lars and her can't stay too late at Twister and Rosita's)

Voice Actress: Francia Raisa

Future Family and In-Laws:

Raoul Rodriguez: Suegro (father-in-law)
Sandy Rodriguez: Suegra (mother-in-law)
Twister Rodriguez: cuñado (brother-in-law)
Rosita Jiménez-Rodriguez: cuñada (sister-in-law)
Clio Rodriguez: cuñada (sister-in-law)
Scotty Rodriguez: Primo en la ley (cousin-in-law)
Melissa Rodriguez: Sobrina (niece)
Lance Rodriguez: Sobrino (nephew)

Age in the future: 24

Career: Personal Trainer

Hair color and length: Honey blonde and falls halfway down her back (but has it up in a bun when she works)

Back Story: Natalia moved to Ocean Shores with her parents when she was 14 and reunited with her childhood best friend, Rosita Jiménez (but now Rodriguez). and met her boyfriend/fiancé Lars Rodriguez, through Twister Rodriguez. and somehow, Twister and Rosita attempt to play matchmaker for them. and after a few weeks of getting to know each other and becoming friends, their friendship also turns into a relationship that's sweet and x-rated too. and like Rosita, Natalia prefers to be traditional when it comes to relationships. so, what she does like is hand-holding, low-key dates and a little french kissing too. and she also makes a good first impression when Lars brings her to his house to meet his family for the first time. In fact, Sandy, Raoul and Twister like her so much that she's invited to the Rodriguezes house whenever she needs something or a place to stay in case she gets kicked out by her parents or comes over for family dinners. and also, since she's lived in San Juan her whole life, she's gotten used to surfing, snowboarding, hockey, skateboarding and rollerblading. so when she's in Ocean Shores, she's practically a pro. and Otto, Reggie, Sam, Twister, Clio, Pi and Spudz are so impressed by her skills that they ask her (or in Otto, Twister and Lars' cases, "beg" her) to be a part of their crew and she also happily accepts. and also, Twister and Lars are extremely psyched about that, which means they get to film her every day when she does her stuff.
Natalia Suarez Biography
This is going to be the extended bio sheet for Natalia Suárez. I hope you guys like it.

Natalia A. 
Suárez, Alondra Suárez, Gustavo Suárez, Rosita M. Jiménez-Rodriguez, Valentina Jiménez, Ramón José Jiménez Sr., Ramón José Jiménez-Rocket (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Otto Roc., Reggie Roc., Sam D., Twister Rod., Lars Rod., Raoul Rod., Sandy Rod., Clio Rod., Scotty Rod. (c) Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon and others



digidestinedgirl09's Profile Picture
Amanda Rodriguez
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Battle Creek,MI
Favourite genre of music: Rock,R&B,Hip-Hop and Pop
Favourite style of art: Writing fanfics
Favourite cartoon character: Matt Ishida and Joey Wheeler

My OTP's

:iconkokorox: :iconvalonplz: :iconmaivalentineplz:

:iconkokorox: JoeyandStacey Stamp by BoldCurriosity

:iconkokorox: Stamp request: Goten/Anaya by Iki-makes-stamps

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+Yamato 'Matt' Stamp 02+ by Blackgatomon +Yamato 'Matt' Stamp 01+ by Blackgatomon

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Give me your hand Stamp by EngelchenYugi

Pokemon: Gymshipping - anime by Vulpixi-Stamps

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Anti Harry and Ginny by nikil-san

HarryGinny never workedStamp by Capricornicis

Anti Robin (Teen Titans Go) Stamp by SoraRoyals77

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