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These are drawings that I made from dA muro!and I also have fanfics too.






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Rosita in her new gray and black bikini by digidestinedgirl09
Rosita in her new gray and black bikini
This is what Rosita will be wearing while she's either surfing with her future boyfriend, Twister Rodriguez, or hanging out with Reggie, Trish and Sherry. But most of the time, she'll be hanging out with Twister a lot.

Hope you like her and tell me what you think of her in her new bikini.

Comment and fave please.

Rosita "Rosie" Jimenez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

and I'll probably make Natalia next week.
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(Contains: strong language)

Author's Note: My birthday is coming up soon and my couple, Deijii x Yamato's seven year anniversary is coming up also, but also next month and on Valentine's Day! Here's a drabble in early celebration. :)


"Sora's pretty."

"I guess."

"What about Jun?"

Yamato knew from Taichi's chuckle that his face must've conveyed a look of extreme displeasure. "I... appreciate how enthusiastic she is about the band?" he offered diplomatically.

"You should totally date her," Taichi urged him. "She's in high school, dude."

Yamato looked wearily at his friend. "I don't like her in that way."

"She likes you, though. Like, a lot."

"Am I supposed to go out with a girl just because she likes me?" he asked sarcastically. "Is that how dating works?"

"Whatever," Taichi said dismissively. "You could have a girlfriend- a high school chick- but you choose not to. I don't know, dude. Are you gay?"

Yamato snorted, shaking his head. "I'm gay because I don't like Jun Motomiya?"

"You said it."

"I'm totally resisting the urge to punch you right now."

Taichi grinned. "So you don't find any girls attractive?"

"I never said that."

"But you don't find Jun attractive."

Yamato sighed heavily. The brunette could be really annoying sometimes. "But I just agreed with you that Sora was attractive. And so's your sister, by the way-" Taichi gave him a sharp look for that comment, to which he couldn't help but grin, "-and Deijii."

"My sister is off limits," Taichi growled. "And Deijii isn't a girl," he added after a beat, "so she doesn't count."

"...I'm fairly certain she is, Taichi."

"You know what I mean," Taichi returned, before shrugging and turning his attention back to the game he was playing on T.V. "I can't see Deijii with a dude."

Yamato didn't know how to respond to that. He could see Deijii with a boyfriend- and the thought of her with some guy... well, irritated him.
But he masked his feelings and offered a deliberately careless, "I guess it's because you've known her for so long that the thought of her with a boyfriend would seem weird."

"I guess."

A moment's silence.

"Do you like Chizuru?" Taichi asked suddenly, apparently still interested in the topic of girls.

"What?" Yamato exclaimed, eyebrow raised. Was Taichi going to bring up every single girl they knew? "No."

Taichi's grin widened. "Maybe that's why you let Miyako do the audio mixing for your band. You want an 'in' to her sister!"

"What the hell, Yagami? I do not like Chizuru."

"Protesting a bit too much, don't you think?" Taichi winked at him.

"No," Yamato said, his eyes narrowing slightly. "Chizuru's..." Not Deijii. "She's... nice and all. But no." He leveled his friend with a light glare. 
"I don't like anyone," he told Taichi firmly, in hopes of dropping the subject.

"All right, all right," Taichi seemed to back down, though with a smirk plastered on his face. "Well guess what? I like someone."

That piqued Yamato's interest. He lifted a curious eyebrow. "You do?"

"Yeah." But Taichi didn't bother to elaborate, instead focusing all his attention on the game he was playing, mashing his fingers against his PlayStation's controller.

Yamato sighed. "Okay, I'm game. Who?"

"I think I'm going to take a page out of your book and be mysterious," Taichi replied with a smug grin, not even bothering to remove his gaze from the T.V. screen. "Not telling."

Yamato shrugged his shoulders, even though Taichi wouldn't see it anyway. "Doesn't bother me, Yagami." His eyes stared silently at the screen, without really watching at all, as Taichi played his video game. A few more minutes passed.

OKAY, he was a little curious.

"Although," Yamato spoke up, trying to sound as disinterested as possible, "you'd think the great and courageous Taichi Yagami would already be with the girl he likes. You're a disappointment, dude."

"Hey, these things take time," Taichi defended himself, not sounding the least bit offended, but instead rather self-satisfied. "Besides, I am going to tell her. Soon."

"Yeah? When?"

"The time of love, of course," Tai replied, elongating the word 'love'. "This Christmas Eve."

Yamato raised an eyebrow. He was surprised that not only did Taichi like someone, but that his friend had already thought it all out and planned to confess. To be honest, he was also a bit impressed... and envious. "Well, good luck," he offered the brunette. It would also be amusing to see how Taichi would actually act around a girlfriend.

"Thanks," Taichi grinned at him. "I need it."

"Hey guys!"

Both boys looked over at Taichi's bedroom door as Deijii and Sora graced them with their presence, slipping into the room and closing the door behind them.

"Sorry we're late," they apologized, setting their backpacks, tennis racket and pom-poms down on Taichi's bed. They were dressed in their respective outfits. Sora in her white tennis club uniform and Deijii in her white and maroon sleeveless cheerleader v-neck top and short tight mini skirt uniform.
"Our practices ran a little later than usual."

Yamato nodded a silent greeting at them. He didn't know when Deijii and Sora's legs had gotten so attractive- or if they'd always been attractive and he had just started to notice them this year- but he really, really liked their legs.

Damn hormones.

"Nice legs you two," Taichi told their chocolate brunette and auburn-haired friends with a goofy grin.

It didn't go without notice to Yamato that the brunette had so easily voiced what he himself had been thinking- and also what he would never have dared say to Deijii and Sora himself, in case he somehow offended them. But for as long as Yamato had known them, Taichi had always managed to get away with saying things like that to Deijii and Sora.

Deijii and Sora rewarded Taichi's remark with a punch and swat to his arm, before taking their seats on the floor next to him and Yamato.
"Too bad I can't return the compliment."

"Ouch," Taichi joked in an injured tone. "But that would hurt more if it was true, Deijii and Sora- I can outrun you two any day, any week."

"You're a boy," Deijii and Sora argued together, their tones exasperated, "you're physically more powerful. It still doesn't mean your legs aren't unattractive due to how... stubby they are."

"Did you two just call me short?!" Taichi mock hollered. "I'm a lot taller than you two now if you hadn't noticed."

Yamato watched the three banter as a small surge of jealousy washed over him at how easily his friends interacted. Taichi, Deijii and Sora just seemed so comfortable with each other- though he knew that was due, in large part, to the fact that they'd all been best friends since elementary school. It still made him a little jealous, though. "Did your tennis and cheerleading practices go well this afternoon?" he asked Deijii and Sora, just to get their attention. He always felt a little self-conscious whenever they looked solely at him- but he also liked it a lot when they did.

"Yeah," Deijii and Sora answered him, both meeting his gaze, but Sora stopped and just focused on Taichi, and by glancing around Taichi and Sora, who were sitting in-between them on the floor, but Deijii got up and moved to sit next to Yamato. "We're both practicing really hard and I think it shows. We're in really good form for our next competitions."

"You look to be in good form," Yamato agreed without really thinking, before realizing what he was actually saying- or how Deijii and Sora could take that statement. "I mean-" He could feel himself start to blush a bit, but he did take comfort in the fact that Deijii was smiling at him and not Taichi, 
"-you know, for the cheer competition. You're... really athletic."

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

"Yeah, she knows she's athletic," Taichi and Sora glanced at Yamato with an expression that seemed to contain both sarcasm and disbelief. "She's been playing sports her whole life, dude."

"Shut up," Yamato simply muttered, as Deijii giggled.

"So what were you two talking about before Sora and I got here?" Deijii asked, with a smile still etched on her face.

"Girls," Taichi supplied easily, before Yamato had a chance to answer.

"Ah." Daisy nodded her head, while Sora agreed. "I take it you did most of the talking, Taichi? And Yamato pretended to listen?"

Yamato laughed lightly at her jest, appreciating the fact that she'd taken the conversation away from his embarrassing slip-up, while Taichi and Sora scowled at her comment.

"I did do most of the talking- because I'm the only one here actually interested in girls."

This time Yamato rolled his eyes at Taichi's joke while Deijii chuckled.

"Taichi likes someone," Yamato informed Deijii, taking the focus away from himself again and placing it on the brunette and red head. "And he plans to confess on Christmas Eve."

"Really?" Deijii asked, glancing at Taichi for his confirmation. He nodded. "Look at you, Taichi, all grown up and liking a girl."

"It had to happen sometime," Yamato quipped, and he and Deijii shared a laugh.

"You're just jealous," Taichi retorted, snorting in Yamato's direction. "I still think it's weird that you have all these girls lining up to date you because of your band and pretty boy looks and whatever- and yet you do... nothing." He turned his head away from Yamato to look at Deijii. "He doesn't like anyone."

"Oh?" Deijii asked, turning inquiring eyes on Yamato.

"No," Yamato confirmed, breaking eye contact with her as he lied. He felt really uncomfortable at the fact that he was telling his crush that he didn't like anyone- when he constantly thought about her way too much throughout any given day. His feelings for Deijii were the most intense he'd ever felt for any girl before, even if that girl was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. It actually kinda freaked him out. "I don't."

"I see," Deijii nodded her head, but said nothing else. Yamato thought he saw a hint of something in her eyes that he couldn't quite put his finger on, though. Was it disappointment? Or was that just extreme wishful thinking on his part?

"What about you, Deijii?" Taichi asked, effectively pulling Yamato out of his thoughts. "Do you like someone?"

Yamato tried to feign disinterest and looked ahead at the T.V. screen instead of at Deijii. He couldn't believe his luck that Taichi would just ask her that question point-blank. Then again, it was Taichi.

Deijii gave a dry chuckle. "If I did, Taichi, I'd never tell you. Half the school would know by the end of the day."

Taichi clutched a hand to his heart in mock agony. "I would never betray your trust!" (crest pun, intended)

Deijii patted his shoulder with a grin. "I know. But I haven't thought much about guys, really-"

"You like girls?" Taichi interrupted, eyes wide- he dropped his PlayStation controller and proceeded to die in his game within seconds.

"No, I don't like girls, fool," Deijii rolled her eyes. "What I was trying to say was that schoolwork takes up so much of my time I don't really have time to think about boys. There are more things to life than just the opposite sex, Taichi."

"And maybe," Yamato added, with a wry smile, "you should, you know, stop thinking that all your friends are gay? Just a suggestion."

Taichi recovered easily enough- and proceeded to ignore both of their comments. "Well, Deijii, who do you think is the most attractive guy in school?" he continued to persist, while Sora looked at him in disbelief.

Yamato, once again, tried to pretend that he wasn't really interested in Deijii's answer and glanced away at the T.V.- except that there really wasn't much to look at this time, since Taichi had died in the game. So he looked back over at Deijii, but made his face as expressionless as possible.

Deijii sighed in response. "I don't know... maybe Kazuya?" she answered, though her tone suggested that she didn't care much about him at all. Yamato, Taichi and Sora knew that Kazuya was some guy in the baseball club whom a lot of girls seemed to talk about. Deijii's answer had been one of the stock answers that could've been said by any girl at their school.

"Are you offended?" Taichi and Sora both elbowed Yamato, looking at him with expressions of mock sympathy. "She didn't say you, dude. Deijii can be officially crossed off the list of a bazillion girls at school who want to date you."

Yamato snorted, even though he was disappointed in her answer- but it wasn't as though he had ever expected Deijii to say his name, anyway.
"It would be weird if she said me, idiots," he brushed off Taichi and Sora's comment lightly, rolling his eyes, before directing a crooked smile towards Deijii. "We're friends. Right, Deijii?"

"Yeah," Deijii smiled softly at Yamato. "Friends."

And that was all the confirmation Yamato needed to know that he really should get over Deijii Hirayama.

I'm getting frustrated. This takes place a few months before Christmas Eve 2002. They are all 13/14 and in junior high school. And, of course, both Yamato and Taichi have crushes on Deijii- while Deijii has a crush on Yamato and Sora has a crush on Taichi.

Deijii, Sora, Yamato and Taichi have a conversation about their crushes a few months before Christmas Eve 2002. [A pre-Deijato one-shot, featuring unknown mutual Deijato crushes and a one-sided Taiora crush.]

Category: Friendship/Romance [Deijii H./Daisy, Yamato I./Matt] Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T.

Deijii H./Daisy (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Yamato I./Matt, Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T. Whoever created Digimon and them.

Hope you like it guys and this also took me 1 day and 4 hours to finish this.

And also, the eighteenth birthday party hook up thing was a mistake. Deijii and Yamato actually hook up around Christmas, when Deijii makes brownies for Yamato and confesses her feelings for him, with Taichi and Sora's encouragement and support.
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