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These are drawings that I made from dA muro!and I also have fanfics too.






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Author's Note: I wrote this especially because I'm taking a break from my continous Jimenez Mountain series to start back on my one-shots again! and like my other one-shots, my OC's the girl in this fic/one-shot! and also, Natalia Suarez isn't going to be in this one this time.
But, Ramon Jose is also going to be in this.


Twister's Perfect Girlfriend
One day, a new girl moved to Ocean Shores with her brother and had to go to the school, Otto and his gang go to, as they were 13 and 14 years old. Otto and Twister were acting like morons and idiots when the teacher walked in with the new girl and boy.

Twister looked at the new girl and instantly fell in looooooooooooooooooooooove, yeah. She had long dark brown hair that fell in gentle waves halfway down her back and amazing bright brown eyes, and had perfect vision and was petite. The teacher, that freaky dude with the jamaican accent, Conroy Blanc, from the skate park MadTown who had even freakier hair, told the girl and boy to introduce themselves. 
And as for the boy next to her, the girls began to swoon over him. Like his sister, he also had dark brown hair, had beautiful bright brown eyes and also had perfect vision.

"My name is Rosita Marisol Jimenez, and this is my brother, Ramon Jose Jimenez. but you guys can call me Rosie," She said,
"Pay no attention to me as I am anti-social and we'll get along just fine."

"What a freak. and I can't believe all the girls are swooning over this guy," Otto whispered LOUDLY to Twister.

"DUDE! She's not a freak. and I looooove her," Twister whispered back. "And her brother seems cool. So I don't know why you're hatin'."

Otto blinked, "Okay. Whatever, dude."

Rosie walked past Twister with her brother Ramon Jose without even looking at him. Twister pouted for the rest of the lesson.

"Why didn't she notice me?" He asked Otto later at lunch.

"Dude, maybe she's just weird. I mean, it's hard not to notice how cooooooool we are," Otto said. "As for her brother, I don't know."

"Hey! She's not weird!! She's just anti-social. She's perfect and I loooooove her!" Twister declared.

"Fine, whatever man. Why don't you go talk to her? and I'll try to get along with her brother." Otto said, even though he was jealous of the new guy getting all of the attention from the girls.

Twister answered, "Dude, I don't know."

"Come on dude. You can do it!" Otto said.

"Yeah! I think I can!" Twister stated confidently.

So Twister walked up to Rosie, who was listening to Bachata music on her I-Pod, which Twister guessed was from Prince Royce, sat down opposite her and Ramon Jose. Rosie paused her music, removed her ear buds and looked up when she noticed he was there.

"Hi. I'm Twister."

"I'm Rosie," she said, "What do you want, foo?"

Twister blushed, "I just wanted to tell you how hermosa I think you are." (A/N: By the way, hermosa means 'beautiful' in Spanish).

Rosie blinked.

"And....uh...if you want...would you like to hang out with me after school?" Twister stuttered.

Rosie and Twister looked into each other's eyes. Their emotions for each other shone brightly in their eyes. Fate had meant for them to meet.

Rosie looked at her brother. "Come on, Rosita. hang out with this guy. Get out of your anti-social bubble." he urged.

"Well?" Twister asked hopefully.

Rosie snorted, "Hang out with you? Like, be your novia? No way, you loser!" (A/N: Also, novia means 'girlfriend' in Spanish).

Twister's jaw dropped and so did her brother's, "But..."

Rosie continued, "You are SO stupid! I don't even want to know you! I can feel my confidence being destroyed even now while you're sitting there!"

Twister started to cry and her brother noticed. "Rosita?" he said sadly.

"I don't ever want to see your face again!" Rosie said.

Twister started howling with grief and raced back to Otto and her brother, who joined him, "She hates me!" He cried.

Otto growled menacingly with her brother having a worried look on his face. He marched right up to Rosie with her brother and Twister following him and yelled, "HEY! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, TREATING MY BUDDY LIKE THAT! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW coooool HE AND I ARE?!?!???!!!!"

Rosie glared at him, "Cool? You two are, in fact, the most self-centered people I've seen! Ever! And your friend is an idiot!!"

"YOU'RE SUCH AN ANTI-SOCIAL FREAK! TURNING DOWN MY cooooool buddy like that!!"

Rosie frowned, stood up, and pulled back her arm. She let loose and punched Otto in the stomach, while releasing her Chola side and making him pass out. The cafeteria erupted with cheers for Rosie for doing something so awesome! (A/N: Also, Chola means 'mexican gangsta girl') and her brother shook his head in disbelief. Twister was nowhere to be seen, since he had run to the boys' bathroom and drowned himself since the love of his life hated him.

"No one calls me an anti-social freak and gets away with it. I'm an anti-social freak and proud of it," Rosie said. 
From that day on she was hailed as a hero for putting Otto and Twister in their right place. Otto had a miserable life afterwards,
since he was regularly beat up by angry mobs of anti-social freaks.

It seemed that fate had meant for Rosie to be queen and Twister to be dead...and for Otto to be beaten up by mobs!
Twister's Perfect Girlfriend
Twister finds the love of his life!!! ^_^

Rosita M. Jimenez, Ramon J. Jimenez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Otto Roc., Twister Rod., Conroy B. (c) Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon and other companies

Prince Royce [in mention] (c) Top Stop, Sony

I-Pod (c) Apple

Translations of each spanish word

Hermosa (Beautiful)
Novia (Girlfriend)
Chola (Mexican Gangsta Girl)

And I'm sorry that I've turned Rosita into a bully and made her be mean to Twister. Normally, she's a sweet girl and always treats Twister right. and also, I've kind of turned Ramon Jose into a chick magnet and heartthrob. Normally, he's used to having one girl.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

A/N: You know what? I'm not fully awake yet to put a decent author's note. So, I'm just going to say this: This chapter's really violent,
so I'd warn younger people not to read it, it creeps me out and I wrote it!
Chapter 5: discovery

Twister looked around to see himself in the hospital waiting room that he had fallen asleep in. Rosita's mother was crying and Rosita's father seemed to be in shock.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jimenez, you're daughter pulled through, we managed to get her heart rate going again before she died. However,
your daughter's in a coma. we don't know if she'll wake up. I'm so sorry." The nurse said quietly.

"Can we see her?" Rosita's father asked.

"Of course." The nurse said softly.

Rosita's parents stood in a small-ish hospital looking at their bruised and comatose daughter.

"Ramon, I can't stand to lose my niñita. She will pull through, right?" Marisol asked looking at her ex-husband.

"I hope so Marisol." Ramon whispered.

"I really missed living with her, even though she was a pain in the ass sometimes." Marisol laughed slightly.

"Then why'd you dump her in the middle of nowhere?" Ramon asked looking at her.

"I left her there for half an hour, then Cortez was supposed to take her to the next town!" Marisol snapped.

"Well "Cortez" never showed up. Sandy and Raoul found her unconscious on her skateboard with Cristianaldo dragging her along." 
Ramon said sharply.

A/N: Sandy and Raoul are Twister's parents' first names, yeah I'm a Rocket Power nerd.

"What?" Marisol whispered.

"It's true, Rosita told me and so did Sandy and Raoul, even Lars and Twister." Ramon glared.

"I. he told me. I." Marisol stuttered.

"Let me guess, he told you he took her there?" Ramon accused.

"Yes. I guess this is why Rosita was so angry with me," Marisol said sadly. "I'm a terrible mother." She said hanging her head in shame.
Ramon began to feel guilty.

"No you're not. You're a wonderful mother, you always were. We were all devastated when you left. I remember going home after you 
left me for Cortez. The kids were all asking where their mother was, and I had to tell them that you had left them and you might not be 
coming back." Ramon said remembering how shocked, scared and disturbed they all were.

"I'm sorry." Marisol said simply.

"Me too, mi amor." Ramon said honestly and also saying the last part in spanish.

"They wouldn't let me in because I'm not "related" to her. and we're almost official." Twister frowned.

"Well I'll tell you this much, she's really messed up; she's lucky to be alive." Juan Manuel sighed.

"What. what if she doesn't wake up?" Twister asked quietly.

"I don't know." Juan Manuel whispered, scared.

"Hey Twist, you okay?" Otto asked walking into the living room with Ramon Jose to find Twister on his own in front of the T.V.

"I'm just watching some old videos." Twister replied.

"But how are you?" Otto asked again while he and Ramon Jose sat down on the sofa on either side of Twister.

"Terrible." Twister replied solemnly.

On the T.V. screen, Rosita stood at the rim of her family's pool on her skateboard.

"You getting this Maurice? This is gonna be the coolest!" Rosita laughed and dropped down and began to skate. Rosita began to grind along
the edge of the pool.

"Boo!" Lars shouted jumping towards the pool. Rosita screamed, fell off her skateboard and slid down the pool, the camera turned to focus on Rosita who had skidded down on her neck and shoulders, suddenly her feet fell to the floor comically and swearing at Lars in spanish.

"Ow." She said quietly. The real Twister who was sitting in the middle and watching the video, smiled and almost laughed, that was pure Rosita; Reggie and Natalia were right. Twister and her were perfect for each other; she was as klutzy as he was sometimes; 
only sometimes though.

"What do you want Lars, we're not together anymore. remember?" Rosita grumbled getting up. Lars jumped into the empty pool to stand face-to-face with her. "And anyway, you're dating Natalia."

"Yeah Lars, buzz off!" Twister's voice from behind the camera said. Otto and Ramon Jose were surprised, this was before Twister's voice had broken though.

"I shot this last summer. before Rosita and I were even dating. And no, we're not dating yet Reg." Twister said as if reading Otto and Ramon Jose's minds. and Reggie's too. because she was about to ask Twister if he'd asked Rosita out yet, because apparently, she and Natalia had been bugging him about it ever since Rosita had been in the hospital.

"What are you watching?" Lars asked walking into the room with Natalia and holding her hand.

"Video from last summer." Twister replied. It had been weird lately, ever since Rosita had gone to the hospital and a few days ago, Lars and Twister hadn't had a single argument; Otto and Ramon Jose guessed it was because there was enough grief around already without 
them fighting.

"Hmm, how about that fancy camera of yours, you little dweeb?!" the Lars on the video laughed, snatching the camera off of Twister and pushing him away. The camera was in Lars' hands and swung around to show Rosita helping Twister up from where Lars had pushed him.

"Lars! Give Maurice his camera back, guey!" Rosita snapped making a grab for the camera.

"THAT'S IT!" Lars shouted, making Natalia jump.

"What?" Twister asked.

"What's going on?" Rosita's Dad asked walking in the room, followed by Rosita's other brothers.

"Twist, I just remembered, I stole your camera off of you!" Lars said. Natalia gave him a "really mi amor, you're gonna do that? look.

"I knew I hadn't lost it! Give it back!" Twister shouted.

"You don't understand, it was filming and I left it by my window." Lars explained.

"And your window looks over the pool. We can see what happened to Rosita." Rosita's Mom added.

Twister plugged the video camera into the T.V. and everybody except Cortez (who had gone out) and Rosita (who was in a coma) watched
silently. The screen flickered into life and the camera was going up and down in the air.

"That'll teach that lame-O to steal from me." Lars laughed.

"LARS! YOUR MOM'S ON THE PHONE FOR YOU!" One of Rosita's brothers had shouted from off camera. Lars groaned and put the camera down; the camera automatically focused on the shimmering pool. In a few seconds Rosita walked down the stairs and by the pool,
she said something to herself but it was too quiet to hear.

"Wait, Maurice, rewind it and turn it up." Rosita's Dad said. Twister obliged, turning the volume up as far as it would go.

"This place'll be a skate park in no time." Rosita smiled tapping the pool controls with Ramon Jose's supervision. Rosita walked off screen.

"Wait, this was when she offered us drinks." Juan Jose said frowning. "She was trying to distract us!" Juan Jose said in shock,
his sister was sneakier than he had thought.

"Who's that?" Reggie and Natalia asked and were both pointing to a figure in the shadows on the screen.

Rosita walked outside and looked around, the figure came out of the shadows and advanced towards her.

"CORTEZ!" Rosita's mother shouted in disbelief.

"I knew it! PINCHE CABRON!" Diego Cesar shouted in spanish.

"If your madre asks, you ran off so I couldn't take you to the next town. You got that niñita?" Cortez said from behind Rosita.
Rosita spun around to face Cortez.

"Y-Yes." Rosita said shaking.

"Yes, what?" He asked threatingly as he walked towards her.

"Yes Sir!" Rosita said quickly.

"You couldn't even die correctly could you? You and that damn dog of yours, but you managed to live. Well I'll tell you what I did,
I sent your little pet away, I sent him to a mad dog disposal unit. You won't be seeing him again." Cortez growled.

"No." Rosita's mother whispered feeling tears build up in her eyes.

"Cristianaldo." Rosita whispered.

"Your madre will be devastated when she finds out. You were always so sloppy weren't you?" Cortez said ominously.

"What do you mean?" Rosita whispered, horrified.

"You were supposed to clean up that drink you spilt but you didn't, and you fell into the pool. So sad. So young." Cortez smirked.

"I. please. don't." Rosita whispered and realizing what he was going to say.

"If you even think of screaming, I'll make this more painful than you can possibly imagine." Cortez growled.

Rosita's mother stifled a sob as tears ran down her face.

"Mis hermanos, they're expecting me, and so are the guys and the girls. They'll get worried if I don't show up." Rosita reasoned.

"Then they'll find your floating corpse won't they?" Cortez laughed quietly. He quickly shoved Rosita backwards; Rosita felt her foot slip as she screamed and fell backwards. Everybody winced as they heard her ribs crack on the edge of the pool as Rosita slid into the water.

Everybody watched as Cortez tried to drown Rosita, he got up and left as she stopped struggling, the pool began to drain quickly
leaving Rosita unconscious at the bottom.

Twister stopped the video and sat as the tears ran down his face, as did Natalia.

"Mari." He whispered. and Natalia was being comforted by Lars as he hugged her, talked to her in a soothing voice, rubbed her back and kissed her forehead.

"He's gonna blow." Juan Jose said, grabbing the phone and calling the police.

Jimenez Mountain
[Repeat description] The sequel to Romeo and Juliet with a twist, this time Marisol's family are taking the Rocket Power kids and Natalia to Marisol, Ramon Jose, Natalia and Twister's hometown.

Rosita M. Jimenez, Ramon J. Jimenez, Juan M. Jimenez, Juan J. Jimenez, Ramon J. Jimenez Sr., Marisol Jimenez, Natalia S., Cortez and Cristianaldo
[in mention] :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Otto Roc., Reggie Roc., Twister Rod., Lars Rod., Raoul Rod. and Sandy Rod. [in mention] (c) Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon and others.

Hope you like it. and I'm going to stop this for now and submit it. because I really want to get started on my one-shots and other multi-shots.
but, I'll continue with this tomorrow.


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