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Name: Diego Cesar Jimenez

Nicknames: D.J. (Otto, Sam, Trish and Sherry call him that), Ese (Twister and Lars call him that), Foo (Rosita and Ramon Jose call him that) Vato (Twister and Lars call him that) and Holmes (Twister and Lars also call him that).

Meaning of his name: Supplanter.

Age:16 (also the same age as Otto, Twister and his first oldest brother, Ramon Jose)

Nationality: Also Hispanic (just like Rosita, Ramon Jose and Twister)

Height: Also 6'4 (the same height as Ramon Jose and Twister)

Weight: Keeping my mouth shut on this

D.O.B: May 19th, 1998

Birthplace: Guatemala, Mexico

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Skin Color: Light Brown but when he also goes out into the sun covered in tanning lotion, he gets darker.

Hometown and currently living in: Ocean Shores, California

School: Ocean Shores High School

Grade: Also 10th.

Friends/Homies: Otto Rocket, Sam Dullard, Keoni Makani, Eddie Valentine, Oliver Van Rossum, Conroy Blanc, Twister Rodriguez and Lars Rodriguez.

Best Friends: Otto Rocket, Sam Dullard, Keoni Makani, Eddie Valentine, Oliver Van Rossum, Reggie Rocket, Twister Rodriguez and Lars Rodriguez.

Enemies: MacKenzie Benders, Lars Rodriguez (for now), Pi Piston, Sputz Ringley and Trent (for now, until they call a truce).

Relationship Status: Single for now, until he starts dating Clio, who is Twister and Lars' cousin

Future girlfriend: Clio

Personality: Active, Flirty, Annoyed, Protective, Outgoing, Bright, Carefree, Laidback, Faithful, Naughty and also Aggressive.

Family: Rosita Jimenez (sister), Ramon Jose (first oldest brother), Ramon Jose Sr (father), Marisol Jimenez (mother)

Love Interest: Clio

One good trait: Creative and Skilled (when it comes to playing the guitar, skateboarding and other sports)

One bad trait: Also Short-Tempered (when it comes to Lars and his gang trying to mess with Clio. and that'll also cause his temper to rise and trigger. and also cause him the punch Lars and his friends. and he's also an expert in Boxing. so you can say the temper and boxing run in the family.

Hobbies: Also likes to hang out with his friends and family.

Interests: Skateboarding, playing guitar, Snowboarding, Rollerblading, Hockey, Surfing and Biking.

Likes: Also being active, Clio and going to school

Dislikes: Trent, Lars (for now), being late for class, detention and dates.

Quotes: "I never get to do nothing in this house" a quote from George Lopez and says it whenever his parents won't let him spend time with Clio or his brother and his homies. Who are Otto, Twister, Keoni, Oliver, Eddie and Sam., " O'dalay" (When he also sees Rosita in a skimpy outfit whenever she gets ready for her date with Twister), "Hel-lo!" (When he sees Clio wearing something to his liking), "Cochino!" (When he see and Ramon Jose see Twister making out with their sister, but gets over it because they're also homies), "O'dalay, vamonos!" (When he, Ramon Jose and Rosita are in a hurry to get to school because she always takes an hour to get ready and they tell her to hurry up).

Voice Actor: N/A

Hair color: Dark brown, like his brother and Rosita

Sexual Preference: Straight.

Build: Slim and muscular.

Body Abnormalities: None.

Hair style: Messy.

Relationship Status: Single for now.

Languages: Spanish and English. So, that means he's also bilingual, along with Ramon Jose and Rosita.

Typical Clothing: N/A

Back Story: Diego Cesar is the middle brother of Rosita and Ramon Jose Jimenez. and like his siblings, he was also born in Guatemala, Mexico and also moved to Ocean Shores after finding out Rosita was in an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Angel Chavez. and he also becomes friends with Otto and Reggie Rocket, Sam Dullard, Twister Rodriguez, Eddie Valentine, Oliver Van Rosum and Keoni Makani. and he also butts heads with Lars Rodriguez at first, but then they become friends after that. And Rosita and Ramon Jose along with the rest of the gang, show him around and they introduce him to Conroy, who instantly begins to like him and also becomes friends with him and then the gang introduce him to Ray Rocket, Tito and Noelani Makani. and they instantly love him and gets food for free and then the gang also introduce him to Trish and Sherry, and they instantly develop a crush on him, but Twister tells them that he's saving himself for Clio. and then, when Clio comes into the picture, he and Clio have instant chemistry and then, after a few weeks of getting to know each other and become friends, they take their friendship to the next level and then they have their first date and first kiss. and then, Clio introduces Cesar to Sandy and Raoul and they get to know each other a little better and after he passes the test, they instantly approve. and just like Rosita and Ramon Jose who get to be filmed by Twister doing their sports and moves, Diego also gets the privilege of getting filmed by Twister.

Diego Cesar Jimenez bio
This is an extended biography of who Diego Cesar is. and he's the middle brother of Rosita and Ramon Jose Jimenez. and he's going to be the future boyfriend of Clio. and unlike Rosita and Ramon Jose's back stories, I've spent more time on his than theirs. even though their back stories are different.

Hope you like this. and I'll probably make Rosita and Ramon's two older brothers.

Diego Cesar Jimenez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

I really hope you guys comment and tell me what you think. and also like Rosita and Ramon, I don't want to turn him into a Gary-Stu either. and I hope that's not a lot. and I'll try and draw a pic of him, even though I've done it before and it didn't go through.

A/N: Once again, just a quick reminder that I don't own the play, Romeo and Juliet. I only own Rosita and Ramon Jose Jimenez and Natalia Suarez.

Chapter 4: Two Blushing Pilgrims

"Has Twister said anything to you Reg?" Marisol asked, playing with one of her long strands, as she and Natalia lay on her bed talking to Reggie over her cordless phone. Natalia had decided to sleep over at Twister's house and they were both wearing different colored tank tops and Mermaid blue Honeydew Intimates Burnout Terry shorts and Pink Crush 'Tap Into It' Tie Dye shorts.

"Like what?" Reggie asked rubbing her hair dry with a towel.

"Like anything, he's just been really jumpy and quiet since his audition today. I was surprised he wasn't happier; I mean he did get the lead male part." Marisol sighed rolling over and Natalia getting out of the way.

"He hasn't said anything to me. What are you doing in your first rehearsal?" Reggie asked, raking a comb through her hair.

"Love scene between me and Twist which is gonna be so weird." Marisol replied.

"Maybe that's why Twister's acting weird." Reggie mused.

"What because he doesn't want to do a love scene with me?" Marisol asked.

"No, maybe he's acting weird because he likes the idea." Reggie replied thoughtfully.

"Reggie! Have you lost your mind? Twister's, like, my best friend and he doesn't see me like that!" Marisol laughed.

"And it's so obvious that it bugs you!" Reggie laughed, remembering a previous conversation involving Twister.

"Shut up!" Marisol laughed.

Outside in the hallway, Twister sighed quietly, he had only heard Marisol's side of the conversation and from that he knew that Marisol didn't have a thing for him.

A/N: Go over Marisol's side of the conversation, it'll be easier to understand that way.

Twister ran over the script one last time, the director wanted to see if Marisol and Twister had "magic" and "chemistry" and Twister shook his head, the director was weird. He knew his lines by heart but he had only rehearsed his part before and he hadn't worked up the courage to ask Marisol to rehearse with him.

"Rosita! No eating in the theatre!" The director shouted at the other end of the theatre.

"It's Marisol! ay dios mío!" Marisol's voice shouted back and she began to get very irritated, Twister laughed quietly; she hated her name.

"Well then, Marisol would you mind, you and Twister have a scene to do." The director ordered, pointing a finger at the stage; Twister sighed and walked up to the stage and watching Marisol do the same on the other side of the room and swearing under her breath in spanish. It was a high stage; it came up to his shoulders. Twister couldn't be bothered to use the steps and just pulled himself up on to the stage at waist level and swung the rest of himself on to the stage.

Marisol blushed as she climbed up the steps, she watched as Twister athletically pull himself up on to the stage and his biceps bulging slightly; it seemed to take no effort at all. Marisol felt her face flushing slightly as she walked to center stage.

"Show off, I could do that you know." Otto bragged to Reggie, Ramon Jose and Natalia from the back of the theatre.

"As if, your head wouldn't even reach the stage, you midget!" Reggie laughed quietly, while Ramon Jose and Natalia both said: "Ohhhh! BURN!!!!"

Twister took a breath and touched Marisol's hand as it said in the script and began his lines.

"If I profane with my unworthiest hand

This holy shrine, the gentler sin is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss."

Twister said quietly, but loud enough for the whole audience to hear; his words rang in Marisol's ears, he had been practicing.
The heat from his hand on hers sent a shiver down Marisol's spine. Marisol turned her hand in his touch so her palm was touching his
during her lines.

"Good pilgrim, you do wrong you hand too much, Which mannerly devotion shows in this. For Saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss."

Twister frowned slightly, he understood Marisol's line now, she was turning him down now. He stepped closer to her and said his next line.

"Have not saints lips, and holy palmer's, too?"

Marisol pressed a finger on Twister's lips; this was getting too real. Either he was a brilliant actor, or Reggie and Natalia might have been on to something; the thought made her blush.

"Ay pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer."

"O then, dear Saint, let lips do what hands do: They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair."

"Saints do not move, though grant through prayer's sake."

Twister took a breath, this was his line, and after this then he would kiss her.

"Then move not while my prayers effect I take."

Twister kissed her. Fireworks exploded in his head, she tasted of chocolate strawberries, that must have been what she was told off for eating earlier. Twister suddenly loved chocolate strawberries. His arm slipped around her back, he felt Marisol's eyelashes tickle his cheeks as she closed her eyes. Twister broke away and uttered his line.

"And thus from my lips, by thine my sin is purged."

Marisol smiled at him, she was glad that they had another kiss coming up.

"Then have my lips the sin that they have took."

"Sin from my lips? O tresspass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again."

Twister kissed her again and he felt Marisol wrap her arms around his neck and play with his red hair that had grown longer since he was eleven.

"Bravo! Bravo! You two have magic, chemistry, call it what you will; the audience is going to love this! This is going to be the best production of Romeo and Juliet ever!" The director laughed, Marisol and Twister stopped kissing and looked at the director.

"You two were amazing!" Otto and Marisol's brother, Ramon Jose congratulated them and he gave his little sister a hug.

"Yeah, very realistic." Reggie smiled at Marisol who turned slightly red again and Natalia smiled and nodded.
Romeo and Juliet with a twist Part 4
 [Repeat A/N: Once again and just a quick reminder, that I don't own the play Romeo and Juliet or Rocket Power. I only own Rosita and Ramon Jose Jimenez and Natalia Suarez. and also, don't worry Lars fans, he and Natalia will be together in a couple of upcoming one-shots. and also, Angel Chavez will also appear in a couple of one-shots too.

Rosita M. Jimenez and Ramon J. Jimenez and Natalia Suarez (c) :icondigidestinedgirl09:

Otto Roc., Reggie Roc., Twister Rod. (c) Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon and others

Hope you like this. and this took me six days to finish. and also, please comment.


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